The 12 Zodiac Couples Who Have The Most Complicated Relationships

4. CANCER & Pisces

Both Cancer and Pisces are creative, caring, and sensitive people, but Cancer can get way too involved emotionally, which is something that Pisces doesn’t fully understand. Also, Cancer is fully aware of how each of their relationships affected them and changed them into the person they are today, and yet, it appears to them that Pisces not only has no recollection of the past, they never seem to learn from their mistakes.

These two are great partners in a creative sense and work well in artistic projects such as art installation, theater productions, and readings, but the day to day relationship work may be challenging for them.


5. LEO & Sagittarius

Both of these signs know how to have a good time and how to make a great first impression. Sagittarius will usually do it with their fantastic sense of humor and Leo with their star appeal. The thing is that Leo really needs someone who will let them shine and Sagittarius isn’t that great at being a trophy spouse.

When Leo loses their temper and/or gets patronizing, Sagittarius isn’t going to stick around using up all their energy and talents trying to make Leo feel better.

However, these two are both fearless and love to have fun, so they’d make good friends — even good friends with benefits — but a long-term romantic relationship would be complicated.


6. VIRGO & Aquarius

Virgos care what other people think of them and Aquarians do not. Virgos are known for being stable, secure, and people who tend to rely on methods that they’ve tried before. Aquarians like to be inventive and are more than curious about things that are new and untried.

Aquarians tend to frustrate Virgos because they’re too flighty and reckless. However, Virgos do wish they had a little of that freedom that Aquarius has and they admire them.

Virgos like to be around Aquarius because they know they need to be reminded of the possibilities that are out there.


7. LIBRA & Pisces

Both Libra and Pisces are genuinely kind, caring, and sometimes gentle people. Libras admire Pisces greatly and love spending time with them.

Both signs can be very romantic and tend to idealize love — when both people have their heads in the clouds, it becomes difficult for them to have realistic expectations and goals.

When one or the other shows how real they are, they can drop off their pedestal in the other person’s eyes. These signs are great in a romantic movie or book but it’s the happily ever after that they have difficulty sustaining. As far as romance goes, they’re perfect for a summer fling but anything long-term will take work.


8. SCORPIO & Leo

Here’s a power-couple made for the ages. Both signs are dynamic, fierce, and prideful. People look to them as their leaders and role models. Scorpio values honesty and passion above all else and Leo doesn’t have such an affiliation to the truth. If they have to fudge it a little to avoid hurting someone’s feelings or to make themselves look better, so be it.

Scorpio can get jealous and may not understand that Leo’s intent behind flirting isn’t to seduce someone but to draw them into their orbit.

These two signs tend to be dominant in their relationships which could make things complicated when they try to out-dominate the other one.

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