Woman Explains Difference Between Rape And Consent To Men Who Still Don’t Get It

 February 11, 2017

Woman Explains Difference Between Rape And Consent To Men Who Still Don’t Get It

Even though it’s easy for most of us to comprehend, there are sadly still many people out there who don’t understand the difference between rape and consent. Because of this, Twitter user Nafisa Ahmed decided to break it down in a way that everybody can understand.




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Woman Explains Difference Between Rape And Consent To Men Who Still Don’t Get It

21 comments on “Woman Explains Difference Between Rape And Consent To Men Who Still Don’t Get It

  1. I have a hard time wrapping my head around any normal moral person not understanding the concept of consent. I really don’t worry much about them showing respect. The problem is that there are so many people out there that just don’t care about you, your rights, your consent or the repercussions of violating you in any way they can. I truly hope that these people will stop and consider your awesome explanation of consent. If you can’t reach them, well you’re really only preaching to the choir.

  2. Nahh!! I will say the concept of ego and intuition has been reversed because of PC. Intuition is like an animal, sensing danger, etc. Ego is when one feels something has been “taken” from them. Men have LESS of these than women. For instance, if a man is raped, including collapsed lungs, torn sphincters, etc. he wud still want revenge, but only for “breaking and entering”, but he would not feel that ANYTHING has been taken from him. Women, on the other hand, are soo egoistic that they feel so special, that they have to live with the “nightmare” for life… Get over it.. I do not condone unconsensual physical violence, by the way….

    • Well, that is a load of bullshit. If a man is raped, he gets justice. It is oh so much more horrible for him, after all, penises don’t belong in anuses. When a women gets rape, it is okay by men, after all isn’t that what is suppose to go in a vagina? So, why do women feel like something was taken from her? Well, let me tell you why. Because one, RAPE ISN’T ABOUT SEX!! It is about dominating another person. It is about making sure that person knows he is stronger, and she can’t do a thing about it. It is about violence. It is about FEAR!!!. When a women is rape what she loses is her sense of safety. She feels like any man can come along and do that same horrible act against her, anytime, any where. Let me ask you this. If a women has a physical disability, do you still feel the same way? Should she “just get over it”? What if she is blind? Or has down syndrome? How old does a women have to be to just “just get over it”? 12 years old, or 83 years old? How about if she is YOUR mother or sister? Still okay. Would you tell your mother to “just get over it”? Please don’t go around talking stupid about EGO, men have this huge ego in the first place, that is why they feel it is okay to “take what they want”. You put one naked man on a street corner and 30 dressed women and he will still be safe, at least from the women, they may cat call at him or laugh at him or even try and help him, but the one thing they won’t do to him is rape him. There is the difference. You sir, are the problem with the way society thinks about rape. You say you don’t condone physical violence that is not consensual. Because that is what rape is and you want women to “just get over it”, that is condoning it by way of lessening the importance of it to a women. I wonder if your mother knows of your stance on this? I am sure she would be proud.

  3. Is it rape if your drunk and you tell your friend to sleep on the couch but he keeps telling you he can’t sleep on the couch and wanted to sleep in your bed with you then we end up having sex even tho you was drunk and wanted him to sleep on the couch but he didn’t sleep on the couch. How do you really know it’s rape even tho you know you had sex with him and deep down you really didn’t want to have sex with him when you are sober

    • Deep down you really didn’t want to have sex with him. Did you make it clear that you didn’t want to have sex? Then yes it is. It doesn’t matter where it happened. If you said no and meant no, it is rape. Being drunk does not mean another person can do what ever they want. I hope he still isn’t your friend.

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