When Zodiac Signs Are Depressed

when zodiac signs are depressed

When they’re depressed

Aries: They will get aggressive and will snap pretty much unprovoked. They will want to be around people, but people won’t want to be around them.

Taurus: They will project their depression into others and try to take care of them.

Gemini: They will just try to stay busy until it passes.

Cancer: They never underestimate the importance of comfort food, a good cry, and the support of friends and family.

Leo: They will have a pity party. Literally will just throw a big party to cheer themselves up.

Virgo: They will convince themselves that their feelings are irrational and try not to think about it too much.

Libra: They will try to be around people as much as they can and get out their house. A change of scenery or a beautiful experience is usually the solution for them.

Scorpio: They will purposely immerse themselves in their negativity until it destroys them, so that they can learn from the experience and return stronger.

Sagittarius: They will never tell you they are upset. They will find ways to cheer up and won’t dwell on sadness for long.

Capricorn: They will isolate themselves and get super defensive. They might even be in denial that anything is wrong.

Aquarius: They will randomly snap at loved ones for no apparent reason.

Pisces: They will sometimes go into a complete delusional state. Anyone who disagrees with them just doesn’t understand.”

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