What Scares Me Most About Love Is Someone Waking Up

what scares me most

What scares me most about love is someone
waking up and just deciding, ‘you aren’t the person I love or want
to be with anymore.’ Because that’s exactly what happened.
And I don’t know how you lay next to someone at night,
hold them close, touch them, look at them every day,
tell them things you’ve never told anyone then just
quit them like it’s easy. I’ve been hurt before.
I’ve loved people who didn’t love me back.
I’ve gotten my heart broken. But there isn’t
anything that equates to you waking up finally
saying I love you and watching someone simply reply
‘it’s over.’ Reliving something like that is my absolute
worst fear. And it broke me in such a way,
I don’t know how to be myself when it comes to love
or even if I want to be.
– Kirsten Corley


Kirsten Corley

My name is Kirsten Corley. Both writer by day, hopeless romantic by night live my life with a simple motto. 'What can I do for you' I believe our lives are only as good as the people who's lives you make better. I strive to help readers gain an understanding of intense emotions, like heartbreak and getting through it. I think together we have the ability to overcome the challenges life throws our way and even in those times you hit rock bottom, I see it as a wonderful platform to begin again.View Author posts