What Kind Of Genius You Are? Find Out With This Optical Illusion Test

Kind Genius You Are

3. Green 

If you see green color in the center of the image, then you are a talented person. You are highly curious, passionate, and open-minded. Exploring new stuff and seeking new experiences drives you. 

This quality makes you experienced enough to give advice to your closest friends on certain aspects of life. You have enough interesting stories to tell and people enjoy listening to you. 

4. Yellow 

You use the frequency of the brain waves between 120 and 150 Hz indicating you are a phenomenal person. People who apply logic like masters of chess belong to this section. 

You have a creative mind and the ability to notice small details that surround you. Engaging in artistic disciplines can lead you to bold achievements. You love challenges and new experiences – no second thoughts!

What kind of genius you are? 

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