What Is The Healthiest Salt? Top 3 Table Salt Alternatives

pink salt

Salt is the most common ingredient in every kitchen. It adds flavor and makes the food more delicious than ever. So, it’s a key factor in the taste of your favorite dishes. But despite being so great in this regard, it can also be harmful. Too much of it can lead to strokes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. 

So, how can you reduce table salt consumption without giving up on the proper taste of the foods you’re eating? What are the best alternatives to table salt? Read on to discover them. 

1. Pink Himalayan Salt

You’ve probably heard of pink Himalayan salt before. You may have had it recommended to you by relatives, or you’ve read about it online, but after reading about the possible downsides on https://www.purehimalayanshilajit.com/pink-salt-side-effects/, you may be skeptical to use it.  Pink Himalayan salt is actually considered a very healthy alternative to table salt.  Now, here’s the thing – this salt still contains around the same sodium amount as table salt does. But despite this fact, pink Himalayan salt is healthier. This is because of how the salts are prepared, more specifically the whole process that leads to their production. 

Himalayan salt is produced quite naturally. Meanwhile, table salt is more refined. It also has a lot of additives in order to prevent clumping. So, this makes Himalayan salt a better alternative than table salt. 

There are also some benefits that pink salt brings to the table. For instance, it prevents blood sugar levels from rising too much, and it helps maintain the proper pH balance of your body. On top of that, it can also slow down the aging process and allows you to sleep better.

There are also some disadvantages to pink Himalayan salt, which are good to know if you plan on using it to replace table salt. Pink Himalayan salt puts you at risk of consuming more sodium than necessary, and it’s an unreliable iodine source. It also puts you at risk of consuming way too much chloride. 

2. Rock Salt

Rock salt is also one of the greatest alternatives for replacing table salt. This type of salt is amazing because it contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. All of these improve bowel movements and digestion as a result, and it also helps keep the intestine free of toxic substances. 

The salt is taken from salt mine crystals, or underground mineral deposits. 

3. Sea Salt

When seawater evaporates, sea salt is being extracted, and it is a very good alternative to table salt. It is not as processed as table salt, and it doesn’t have additives, which makes it a healthier option. 

Moreover, this type of salt is considered a great skin disorder reliever, but also a good helper for the immune system. It may also make it easier for you to lose weight if this is your goal. 

Final Thoughts

Table salt is not the healthiest option, which is why you may want to look for alternatives. Fortunately, you have three amazing ones: sea salt, rock salt, and pink Himalayan salt. Choose the one that you think will be the best for your health and meals.

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