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Wait For The One Who Doesn’t Want To Change You, But Hopes You Do

Every ‘single’ individual needs to make the choice to wait for the type of love that doesn’t want to change you.

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We fall in love with a person for who they are, accepting them as they are, in their entirety. Falling in love for what they could become is absurd, I am sorry but that’s not love.

Getting into a relationship with the hope that the person will change i.e stop or start doing certain things is like shooting yourself in the leg on the first day.

Desiring change is not loving but it’s us wanting them to become something they are not, something we would like them to be to satisfy our ego.

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Love is more about loving someone for exactly who they are and this my friend needs a lot of courage. The concept of trying to change someone is like taking patches of clothes and sewing them together until we feel this suits us best now, exactly that much absurd.

When we expect change from our partner we lose sight of what our partner aspires to become and where they are headed and instead of allowing them to grow as they are and achieve what they want to achieve we create hurdles for them because we want them to grow in only ways we want.

How about clearing your mind and being open to differences?

Loving someone for who they are without expectations of change but growth, knowing someday they will grow different but on their own and still remain who they are. Growing the way they like and become a better version of themselves.

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Nobody likes to be changed, nobody wants someone to tell them that they could be better if they wear this & this or speak this way or do things this way. No matter if that person loves you, you wouldn’t like he/she instructed you to become someone you’re not.

Well to find such love who doesn’t try to change you but hopes you grow you need to make a choice to wait. Finding someone who will grow with you takes times but it is totally worth it.


Relationship with chains leads you nowhere, the best kind of relationship is where you are free to follow your heart and there are no terms which you need to live by, no insecurities and no fear of disappointing.

A love like this doesn’t mean that you don’t care about your partner or treat them poorly but rather means that you love them enough to let them follow their heart and inspire them to grow. A love wherein ego has no place and you let each other soar.

Your love should try to reveal yourself to you, help you grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally, not because they want you to change but because they hope you become a better version of yourself.

A good love will make you more of who you are and not try to make you someone you aren’t. A real love will show you a mirror and not a portrait of who you should become or who they want you to become.

When you are in love with someone who hopes to grow with you and not change you, you lie in their arms peacefully knowing you’re free and there is no need to do anything special in order to please them. They expect no change and have accepted you in your wholeness, in your entirety for who you are.

The love that accepts your fear and insecurities, demons and darkness, your wounds and scars and embraces them with a kiss for they are what made you who you are today, rather than trying to erase them and change you.

Most of us step back when we encounter this type of love and keep going back to the type of love where you always feel you’re guilty and not good enough.

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