W.O.M.A.N‘, She, who is only considered as vulnerable and emotional, is often thought to be weak…

The world so superficial, barely sees that Her strength, comes from Her own weaknesses…

The world is only taught, “Those who smile a lot, generally hold a lot of pain”, but not told of the courage needed to express it, even if in tears…

Behind each tear that falls down Her eyes, she breaks and binds at the same time…

She, who is created with the biggest power to ‘heal’, Herself and around…
The strength, even science cannot justify, and answer, why it is only a female who bleeds each month, to bear a seed for nine months and yet be hearty and strong, and pose a smile….

For She is phenomenal – exceptionally strong!

While the world only notices Her vulnerability, it misses out to see that it comes from Her sensitivity.

Sensitivity, to emote, and not just cry.

Sensitivity to love, to care, to give, and to forgive; to hold and to feel, to hold and to realise, to hold and to release, to hold on to fears and yet be fiercely fearless…

She, who cries not only on a fall but also when, is torn in Her struggle to give birth and a new meaning to life..
She, who cries not only on a heartbreak, but even when experiences passionate love of Her life..

You, the world, are failing to know Her core essence, Her cause and Her purpose…

She, who has been created to create, is definitely more than just vulnerable to be shattered or be conquered..


(Image Source: Pintrest)

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