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Trippy Optical Illusion That Will Make You Hallucinate

Trippy Optical Illusion Make You Hallucinate

Optical illusions are well-known for tricking our minds, this best visual hallucination is able to recreate the sensation of hallucinating — try it out! And don’t worry it’s the fun kind. But, before you start this viral Trippy optical illusion, you need to know what it’s like to hallucinate.

Hallucinations occur when you sense images, sounds, or smells that appear to be real but aren’t. The mind creates these images and sensations.

visual hallucination
Trippy Optical Illusion That Will Make You Hallucinate

Science Behind This Optical Illusion

This optical illusion makes you hallucinate by causing a breakdown in communication between your eyes and brain as a result of watching the moving lines in the image carefully.

The brain’s interpretation of patterns observed outside the eye’s field of focus causes the sense of motion. The repetitive pattern of high contrast and bright and dark colors is used to create the illusion.

The information your eyes gather isn’t given to your brains as quickly as it should, causing you to see things moving when they aren’t. All you have to do is take a good look at the screen and allow the patterns to puzzle your brain.

This Trippy Optical Illusion Triggers Visual Hallucination

This trippy optical illusion goes viral because it is said to trick your eyes into hallucinating. Experts will usually advise you to avoid watching mind-bending optical illusions if they make you feel sick.

In this hallucination optical illusion, there are red and white vertical stripes that emerge on the screen and appear to be moving to the side, with a green dot in the middle that you’re instructed to concentrate on in order to achieve the ACID type visual hallucination.

Are you ready to experience what it feels like to hallucinate?

ACID type visual hallucination
ACID type visual hallucination

Viewers who turn away from their device after intensively looking at their screen for roughly 1 minute and 15 seconds will be able to temporarily experience a full visual mirage that slightly resembles an acid /LSD trip.

So did you experience the trippy illusion? If you’re a fan of mind-bending hallucinations, share your thoughts about it in the comments below!

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Trippy Optical Illusion That Will Make You Hallucinate

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