Unwavering Love Is When Your Heart Is Connected

Unwavering Love Is When Your Heart Is Connected
A’minah Treky

Unwavering love
is when your heart is connected
to another's forever.



Sulekha Pande

True love conjoins,
two bodies, one soul,
the cord that binds us,
makes the two of us whole..



Tanu Malhotra

Connected by hearts
in different bodies..
At distance but not apart,
cause we breathe (for) each other,
and within the other,
we are embodied.



Anindya J Ganguly

Dear Love, both You & I
Share an umbilical cord
Insinuating our sacred Life.
I do not know if its amour
Or just our quest towards joy
In our womb of a Paradise.



Keith Mccloskey

One heart beats for another.



Bonnie Edwards

My heart beats with yours.



David Greenstreet

Two hearts beat as one!

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