Until People Start Having Honest Conversations

Until People Start Having Honest Conversations

Until men and women start having honest conversations about who they truly are, what demons they battle with, where they lack and what they truly want.. love will continue to be a temporary emotion… Honesty and Communication are key stop being afraid to speak on where you are

15 thoughts on “Until People Start Having Honest Conversations”

  1. Ja daarom was ik gister ook niet online ten eerste verjaardag boeit me niet plus wil niet extra druk of schuldgevoel op mijn wederhelft leggen dat zullen niet veel mensen begrijpen maar tis zo

  2. Oh I know this guy, and he is a GREAT Dancer-in no way am I going to start anything with him. Only if he gave me his phone # on a napkin -with his initials, and I asked “Whats This?” As he did many years ago-a special dance in the back of the small Ian Moore concert. OKC .

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