6 Reasons Why Unrequited Love Is Good For You

6 Reasons Why Unrequited Love Is Good For You

5. Unrequited love boosts confidence in the long run

Once the period of feeling sorry for yourself is over, you will begin realizing that your life is not over and that you can do much better.

You are going to learn to appreciate who you really are and stop trying to adapt to everything and everyone around you. Unrequited love will actually help you to boost self-confidence in the long run.

I know it is probably hard to imagine from your point of view but trust me on this one – I’ve been there and done that. Soon enough, you will realize that a lot of other people are interested in you and it will give you a confidence boost to move on with your life.

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6. Enjoy being a free bird eventually

After all those painful feelings and emotional ups and downs, you’ll come to the point in which you’ll feel ready for the new start.

You’ll begin paying attention to the people and events in your environment. It will be joyful and refreshing to open your eyes once again and go out to have some fun.

You’ll see your friends more often and probably have a new first date sometime soon. It will add excitement to your life and change everyday rhythm. Therefore, you should enjoy being a free bird once again – you totally deserved it.


Although it brings pain and frustration, unrequited love is not as bad as it may sound.

Going through this feeling, you can learn a lot about interpersonal relations, people around you, and most importantly – about yourself.

That is exactly why you shouldn’t be afraid of it. If you are facing unrequited love, try to embrace it as something valuable that will enrich your personality.

It will make you a better and happier version of yourself.

6 Reasons Why Unrequited Love Is Good For You
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