The 4 Types Of Couples: And The Fate of Their Relationship

The 4 Types Of Couples: And The Fate of Their Relationship

Do you fight like cats and dogs, only to kiss and make up? Are you thoughtful and focused on each other’s needs? Find out which type of couple you are and what will be the fate of your relationship.

The internet is flooded with many quizzes and online dating games that allegedly lead you to an epiphany about your love life. While we can easily dismiss their findings, a new scientific study has revealed that couples can be classified into four groups. Are you the passionate duo who fights and makes up constantly or do you fall in some other category?

400 hundred couples were questioned and observed over a period of nine months by three relationship scientists and followed up on the progress of their relationships. The findings are based on various insights discovered by the scientists through questions they asked the participants, such as how committed they felt after marriage and their feeling for one another.

The 4 Types Of Couples: And The Fate of Their Relationship

Here Are The 4 Types Of Couples And The Nature Of Their Relationship


1. The Conflicted But Passionate Couple

These couples are the true definition of being  “complicated”, conflicted and commitment-phobic. Study author Brian Ogolsky says, “These couples operate in a tension between conflict that pushes them apart and passionate attraction that pulls them back together.”

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Couples like this are constantly confused about their feelings for each other and are always on the edge. The game of I love her/I don’t love her is apt for a couple falling under this category. 


2. The Partner Focused Couple

The couples falling under this category are the most balanced one. They are one of those couples who love long walks, riding bicycles together and spend the entire weekend at home binging on Netflix.

Partner focused couples are extremely mature and stable when it comes to handling their relationship. Even if they have the most horrible fights, they settle them like grown-ups and don’t let a few obstacles negatively affect their relationship in the long run.


3. The Social Butterflies Couple

These couples normally have a ton of friends, and they might have even met each other through their mutual friends! They love spending time with a wide group of friends and normally have their weekend plans sorted beforehand. 

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Ogolsky mentions, “Having mutual friends makes people in these couples feel closer and more committed.” Since both of them are extroverts by nature and love to socialize, it helps them in deepening their relationship further. 


4. The Dramatic Couple

As the name suggests, a dramatic couple is the one which is defined by constant fights and friction. These couples have a flair for the dramatic. Such typical soap opera inspired relationships are doomed for disaster, observes Ogolsky. He says, “These couples have a lot of ups and downs, and their commitment swings wildly. You begin to see little things eroding, and you start to see the relationship in a negative light, and soon you give up”.

Dramatic couples fight at the drop of a hat and at the minor inconvenience. They generally lack maturity and are really bad at handling and resolving conflicts. 

Ogolsky explains that despite science meddling in the affairs of the heart these emotions and the highs and lows of relationships are part of the human experience that cannot be avoided by social creatures such as ourselves.

There’s no perfect formula for finding the “happily ever after” unless you are hard for together as a couple.

So, which type of couple are you? Let us know in the comments below!

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