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What Are The 4 Types Of Couples: Research Attempts To Find Out

Types Of Couples Research

Relationships can never be a one-size-fits-all kind of thing for everyone; there are different types of relationships and different types of couples. Every couple’s relationship looks different and that necessarily doesn’t always have to be a bad thing.

Some couples might fight like cats and dogs but makeup within a few minutes. Some couples might be more practical than others, whereas some couples might be more on the thoughtful side, where they share a very strong understanding of each other. So you see? Every relationship is different.

There is a study that proves that there are indeed 4 types of couples or 4 types of relationships. These researchers worked with 400 couples over the course of 9 months and checked their depth of commitment to each other. They concluded that there can be different types of couples interactions, and every couple can be put into one of the four categories.

So, ready to find out what are the different types of relationships or what are the 4 types of relationships?

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4 Types Of Couples, According To Research

1. The Complicated and Passionate Couple

If you belong to this category, then you are one of those types of couples who are always breaking up and making up. Every little thing tends to blow up into a massive fight, both of you have a go at each other, but after a few hours, you make up and everything’s right in paradise. To say your relationship is tumultuous and complicated is an understatement.

Even though there’s a lot of passion in your relationship, there’s a lot of friction and conflicts too, which tends to take a toll on both of you after a point. However, don’t lose heart, because chances are you both might stick with each other till the end and ultimately make it work.

2. The Dramatic Couple

You are one of those types of couples, where drama is always constant. And it seems like your relationship just can’t survive without it. Drama is the middle name of your relationship, and you just can’t do anything without a sprinkle of drama in it.

You are always fighting with each other, and peace never seems to be an option for you. There is a severe lack of understanding between the two of you, and almost everything one partner does seems to annoy the other one. Both of you never focus on the positives of your relationship, and always obsess about the flaws. Couples like this are more likely to break up in the long run, compared to other couples.

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3. The Balanced and Mature Couple

You are one of those couples who have everything sorted, and your relationship is built on the foundations of understanding, maturity, healthy communication, and selfless love. Yes, you might have the occasional fights and disagreements, but you never let it get to the level where things become toxic.

Both of you understand each other on a deeper level and accept each other for who you truly are. You respect each other a lot and never take each other for granted. According to the study, you are thoughtful and honest with each other and are always trying to strengthen your relationship.

And this is why couples like you have the highest chances of being together forever; when your priorities and values are right, you are bound to have a healthy relationship.

4. The Socially-Involved Couple

If you belong to this category, then just like the balanced and mature couples, your relationship is one of the healthy ones. For you both, you don’t just see each other as romantic partners, but as best friends too. Your relationship is based on a strong friendship you share with each other, along with quite a few close, mutual friends in your life.

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