There has been some noise around those twin flames lately, hasn’t there? 😉

Over the past few years our collective karma had accelerated dramatically. More people have been meeting their twin flames or realizing they have had this unusual encounter.

When twin flames meet, they recognize each other and remain energetically linked through life, as they fulfill a deep catalystic mission in each other’s further life course.

Here are some interesting facts to know about twin flames.

The Meeting
You will meet your twin flame in the settings where/and when you least expect a romantic encounter.
The meeting will bring a sudden rise of energy and a state of euphoria, followed by a deep melancholic feeling of something “long gone missing”, suddenly right now.
Developing a Connection
You’ll meet again in unexpected circumstances, brought back together by some unusual synchronicity.
You feel you “recognize” that person rather than gradually getting to know them.
You may be struck by a sudden thought like “Oh, it’s you! Where have you been?!” 
Your spiritual and emotional connection grows intense already at the early stages of acquaintance. 
You both bump into signs that bluntly bring you back to one another.
Somewhere at this point you may hear your twin flame drop a phrase like “I am your reflection” or “I am your personal messiah” and so on.
Your interest and attraction to each other will keep on growing.
You both will just be wondering  What is going on.
The Merging
Twin flames will share a few unforgettable encounters together where they will both feel “drunk on happiness”. But will part shortly after, overwhelmed by the intensity of a connection and not knowing what to do next.
Here they usually ‘splits’ into Runner and Chaser, and these roles get interchangeable.
The Separation
Twin flames separate and move on further with their lives.
However, they develop a strong telepathic connection and continue communicating through thoughtforms and shared dreaming.
The less physical contact TFs have in separatioin, the keener they feel each other’s on a distance. 
Both will try to start new relationships or concentrate on their current partners. This, however, won’t be leaving them satisfied – in the depth of a heart something will be missing.
Both start to investigate and read more about the peculiarity of an experience they shared, and here is where they often come across the term “twin flames”.
Twin Flames and Loyalty
There is an interesting phenomenon of twin flames loyalty. 
TFs separate for years, but nevertheless have a feeling of belonging  to each other.
Being with other partners feels like… cheating. There is always a silent phantom of a ‘third’. 
It’s unreasonable, doesn’t make sense, but it’s there.
Twin Flames and Soulmates
Unlike the relationship with twin flame that always brings you in unrest, relationships with soulmates go effortless and smooth.
The reason is that soulmates secure our zones of comfort, keeping it safe and familiar for us to be in.
While twin flames push each other ‘s comfort zones to edges, and protective walls of fortresses are shaking.  
Facing the Self
Twin flames will feel like running back to what felt normal and familiar, but at some point they won’t feel satisfied with their older versions anymore.
It’s like their twin has showed them that they can be better, and keeping status quo is like lying to yourself.
Personal changes are inevitable.
Other Interesting Facts About Twin Flames 
Both TFs have noticeable similarities in physique or personality.
Both TFs feel each other well on a distance and often share same moods and physical symptoms. If one twin is in pain, other one will have similar phantom like sensations.
In separation twin flames oftentimes feel illogically angry at each other, being jealous of each other’s popularity and competitive in their achievements.
Both twins feel the depth of a connection and admit there is a certain mystery about each other that they cannot completely figure out.
Twin flames’ birth dates may repeat the numbers or follow each other.
There is always an interesting math or play of numbers involved between the two.
For example when I summed the letters of my first and second names and those of my twin flame, we both got  11 / 11.
11:11 is a code of twin flames, mirrored aspects of the 2; numbers of Fibonacci sequence, and the signature of your energetic and spiritual ascension.
You may start seeing 11, 10, 0, 1, 7, 8, 22 and repetitive numbers more often.
You’ll notice significant changes in all aspects of your life.
When Twin Flames Reunite 
Twin flames don’t reunite easily in a form of a regular romantic relationship.
As long as we try to enforce it, it will be slipping away.
Much personal and self developmental work has to be done first on the part of both before the union is possible, and external obstacles are only the reflection of TF’s current internal un readiness.
As long as you keep thinking “He or she has to change so we can be together”, you are still not ready.
You get closer to reunion when You are starting to change.
Twin flames always instigate each other to develop further – that is their real esoteric purpose, and that is why they keep each other in unrest. 

In a direct or an indirect way they always ‘help’ each other understand what in themselves is missing for completeness.

Twin flame gives us phantom of a home that we are longing to go back to. But each walks there at their own pace on their own road.

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