Thou are so far, yet so near….

Thou are so far, yet so near....

                                      THOU ARE SO FAR , YET SO NEAR……


They say true love is hard to find
Never thought I would get one, so refined.
He is magic, he is joy, my personal shrine
Got me addicted , like alcoholic to wine.
As I think of him , my eye sheds a tear
Thou are so far , yet so near !


A heartbeat skipped , as my hand he grips
His touch gives me , many heaven’s trips.
White pearls shy away, when he flashes his smile
Heart made of glass, so transparent, so fragile.
If only I could – him ; everyday I would wear
Thou are so far, yet so near  !


Has distance, ever, separated two lovers ?
When the bond is strong, new ways are discovered.
Two bodies, but the soul is one
This love is eccentric, understood by none .
His silence speaks all, to my heart, to hear
Thou are so  far, yet so near !


This love is not a bed of rose,
His words to me are poetry and prose .
In my heart, like a relic he is preserved
God gave him to me, much more than I deserved.
When the last breath I breathe, still be called his dear,
Thou are so far, yet so near !

By Sahiba 


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