The 3 Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely To Cheat

The 3 Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely To Cheat

Find out the zodiac signs that are most likely to cheat.

We all want the best relationships, don’t we? All good relationships are based on trust and support. Both of these are the foundations of any long term successful relationship.

But in this modern world, we keep sacrificing trust and support.

Cheating in relationships has become so common.

Cheating is not only ethically wrong but it also has long term effects on the person who has been cheated on. For the cheater, cheating is just a habit but for the one who has been cheated on, cheating is a scar that cannot fade away.

It means a lifetime of mistrust on other people. Some people who have been cheated on cannot even form any healthy relationships ever. But the modern world makes us think only about ourselves and about no one else. We continue to do what is beneficial for us.

It is a time where there are so few successful relationships. All that we hear is about divorce and breakups and family breaking down and whatnot. More so, even the best of people go through this turmoil.

What if we tell you that there are ways to recognize a cheater?

What if we tell you that you can know a cheater just in a jiffy?

Yes. You can.

And the method is Astrology.

Yes, astrology, the method that we try to debunk using logic and rationale. It has a solution to the problem of cheating. Astrology has figured out the three zodiac signs that are most susceptible to cheating.

Isn’t that amazing?


So, these are the three zodiac signs to stay away from while getting into a relationship. 

1. Gemini:

The biggest problem with the Gemini sign is they bore easily. They cannot deal with the noninteresting parts of the relationship. They always look for exciting things. Moreover, they are very indecisive. They cannot make a fixed permanent decision easily. Both of these problems make them natural cheaters. Also, they have the propensity to cheat you both emotionally and physically.

You might catch them but they will deny everything. They find it really hard to apologize and will never ever even do the same. Instead, they play the game. They will blame you for some sort of ‘lack’ in the relationship.
Seriously, beware of a Gemini. They might hurt your feelings and not apologize and even blame you for it. Classic mind games that only these Gemini people know!


2. Scorpio:

This sign has a lot of problems. You will actually end up laughing at the miserable reasons why they cheat. Firstly, they are super sexually charged. They want it all the time. So they will obviously have a tendency to cheat on you physically. Haha! They need it that bad. Imagine!

Secondly, they suck at dealing with emotionally vulnerable situations. When they are in an emotionally uncomfortable place, they directly go into the flight mode. You will really find a Scorpio running for their life if you express a ‘feeling’ around them.

Thirdly, they hate the word commitment. The moment they feel that you are getting too close to them, they will react in the weirdest way ever. Even if they are the ones who have developed deep feelings for you, they will freak out.

They will totally lose it and would want to break the relationship as soon as possible.

Lastly, you may not come across a sign which is as revengeful as a Scorpio. If they are hurt, they do not take it well at all. Sometimes, they even retaliate in a physical way. They might hurt you far more than what you did to them.
So, Scorpio isn’t necessarily a sign that cheats but it is actually a sign with some weird traits and most of these weird traits are not concomitant with good relationships. Thus, Scorpio comes with ‘Conditions Apply’.

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  1. Yeah u are right, I am into a gemini who cheats and will blame me for not understanding his reason and at times deny it even when it’s obvious. Am cancer and am faithful to him

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