The Unsolicited Connection of Anxiety and the so called “Infatuitive” Love

Recognizing that you have an “Anxiety” is such a painstaking feeling to bear, out of the blue, you feel sad – and lonely – and all things around you, no matter how clear and stable suddenly comes blurry. Having this kind of feeling, and dealing with it  alone, makes you feel more apt to vulnerability, and somehow, the mind itself creates a sort of coping mechanism that may help lessen the triggers, that may somehow – when worsen, leads to depression.

This some sort of coping mechanism of the mind, is somehow (base on experience, not merely scientific) related to the thing called (self-defined) “Infatuitive” kind of love. (As in Infatuation – the fine line between recognizant “crush” to absolutely falling in love..) Every time, my anxiety attacks or it has been triggered – automatically and unconciously – the (my ) mind drifts out of the state of being in paranoia (how it really feels like, when your anxiety has been triggered) to the state of dreamy feeling – when thinking about “love” per se. Love, pertaining to the object of one’s affection, apple of the eye or that someone you so define and categorize as “crush” (and it it be long term – “infatuitive love”).

This kind of coping mechanism somehow lessens the anxiety triggers and the paranoia, As one finds the object – the person subject of affection as a sort of mental cure, thinking about the person, his whole being – and his entire influence – (on me), sort of makes all the anxiety go away. Base on experience, having a crush, somehow cures the anxiety triggers, and often times – seeing the object of affection turns out one’s mood from that in state of despair to that dreamy feeling of relaxation, somehow unrealistic but it helps, though, it only partially lessens the anxiety. May be, this is some sort of a breakthrough that somehow – the cure itself for our damage minds is some sort of creations of pigments of things that would ship us away from our own reality, and jump in to the next blurry ideas and infatuations, I don’t know if I am the only one who felt this or experiencing this – but Yes, thinking about falsely ideas about love, and thinking of someone you love, lessens the triggers – and cures one’s anxiety temporarily.

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