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The Truth Shall Set You Free

the truth shall set you free

Based on everything I have learned as a child, there is one quote that has been my guiding force. That is “the truth shall set you free”.

These words resounded a deep resonance of knowing within me, and even though I didn’t quite understand what it meant at the time, I knew that it was very important.

Having walked through the darkest realms, I have gained attuned abilities to know the slightest energy shift in authenticity.

Nobody can “fool” me anymore because I have learned to truly trust my gut instincts. If you want to know the extent of my darkness, simply conjure up a horrible situation and I have probably lived it. I kid you not. Without these dark experiences, there is no way I could stand and teach and help others if I didn’t know the intricacies of all energy.

When you meet me, that’s who I am. I don’t put on different faces in different situations or towards people. I have always prided myself to be the same person professionally and in my most intimate relationships. How else can I can be someone else? Granted I am mindful of my expression, but the pure essence of my energy never changes.

Do you change who you are based on external situations? How is that helping you to be the best you? Are you afraid of people seeing who you really are? Are you breaking the illusion you created in coming out to finally be the real and truthful you?

If you are in this stage of being fully authentic with yourself you have to realize that the illusion you lived up until this point will fall away including relationships and people you once considered close. Remember you created connections when you weren’t being who you were born to be. Can you really expect these connections to last?

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Nobody likes change, but we cannot expand if we do not change.

The Universe is not stagnant. It’s expansive, constantly creating, shifting, and moving. You cannot expect to expand and evolve if you expect to hold on to things that will keep you in an energy vibration that once served parts of your ego. Do you truly want to carry the ego illusions with you into your evolution?

If you want to be who you came to be, then it’s going to take everything in yourself to be super authentic.

This takes practice but if you want true freedom in your life, you are to get deep and authentic with yourself. No matter if it feels like crap.

When you are striving for full authenticity that means you make choices for your highest good. You know what that is. Are you going to eat greasy fries or a salad? You authentically know what the highest good choice is for you.

Sure your mind might not like that you authentically know you should eat the salad, but that is the difference between being a child and being an adult.

If you want your soul to evolve into true wisdom, and adulthood, then you are going to have to make highest good choices, suck up the hurt that you want the greasy fries and move on.

Stop wallowing in your pain that you want the fries. The more you focus on what you can’t have, the more suffering you create in your reality. Focus on what you do want.

Sure your mind doesn’t want the salad right now, but what is beyond that salad? Do you see the power in your choices? If you choose the salad, what energy foundation are you laying down to move forward? Doesn’t it feel better than the instant gratification of those nasty greasy fries?

Recognize your power of choice. There are always consequences of how the energy will flow into your life based on your choices. Get serious about how or what you choose!

You are all-powerful creators, but you can’t own that power until you get very serious with yourself. What is the energy and the authenticity behind your choices?

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Are they coming from a wounded inner child throwing a temper tantrum cause you want the greasy fries, or has your soul recognized that you can love and soothe that inner child and guide that energy towards your highest good?

It’s your choice.

I will promise you this. If you choose authentically your highest good choices, you will never be disappointed. That is because the truth will always set you free!

Written by Rena Wells
Originally appeared on Rena Wells
The Truth Shall Set You Free
The Truth Shall Set You Free
The Truth Shall Set You Free
The Truth Shall Set You Free

Rena Wells

It has taken many years to navigate my hypersensitivity. I discovered my extrasensory abilities – clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance, at a very young age. I soon realized the way in which I experienced the world was completely different than most people.The Universe guided me through a complex healing journey, where I was taught how to hold a strong, expansive power against darker forces. Since then I have healed complex PTSD, rage, chronic depression, anxiety and self harm. It is because of my own journey through the dark, that I am able to guide and catalyze my clients into their own divine connection to their true self – activating their own natural sensitivities and inner healer. This is true empowerment!I don’t play in the mind, I work with the authentic alignment of your soul’s blueprint and get you aligned with your feelings and understanding your natural internal energy system. I will take you deep into your gut instincts, and your emotions where you feel the most uncomfortable however if you are willing to face your darkness I will show you how to find peace between your light and your dark. I don’t want you to be fearful anymore because I know you are such a powerful soul and you are here for a reason!www.renawells.comView Author posts