The Ring Binds Our Human Flesh

The Ring Binds Our Human Flesh
Philipp Manuel Palaña Lara


The ring 
binds our human flesh,
But the promise
 connects both hearts 
till we perish.
Monika Ajay Kaul


The connection through hearts,
seldom fade.


Debra Pry



We share the same heart and soul,
So with time our love can only grow.
Love is an unconditional Bond, 
of two imperfect people
becoming one. 
Rinku Shah


Our hearts belong to each other,
Aligned with one another.
Love in its full glory,
Let’s write a new story.


Sulekha Pande


You are mine,
say yes sweetheart,
The ring is a commitment,
Till death do us part.
Sherry Greene


I propose that we keep
our connected hearts together,


Lejuan Swain Swain


Two hearts
that beat as one


Cedric NaVon



Two hearts
connected by love

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