The Outcry from the Bard of Tales

The Outcry from the Bard of Tales

Time to open the eyes

Finish to be
blind and deaf


do you still not see
that through our Religions

we are controlled
in the whole

Christ, Jew, Islam, Buddha
or any other faith

It is only a tool
to control the human

This since year 0
and beyond

Have you asked yourself
why the time was reset to
Year 0

They are so many signs
Open your

Look at all
these connections

It is time that
our experts too

search with open eyes
and different perspectives

For truth
of the history
of human

Forget the Darwinismus
it is the same
as the

Search and see

Before all the

It is clear
that they do not want
that we find out

That we are nothing else
than slaves
since millennia

to feed our creators.

It is a large Pill
we need to swallow

the faster we see

the better we come aware
to this matter of fact

the faster we can
unbind us

Do not search outside
it is within you

be aware to all
this lies

see beyond
our 5 senses

than you will see
clearly beyond

this lie

our history

by Yardley Pearson
2016 Copyright

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