The Oasis Test Will Reveal Your Innermost Thoughts: Relational Psychology Quiz

the oasis test

Do you know what you want in life and why? If no, then here is an oasis test for you that will help you, deep-dive, into your inner world and find answers. Known as a relational psychology quiz, it boosts self-discovery and conscious awareness!

We spent more time outdoors and caring for family and friends and rarely engage in self-introspection. This is why we sometimes fail to understand what we feel, what we want, desires, responsibilities, and what are our priorities, and many more. This results in a lack of mental clarity and confusion in life. This relational psychology test is designed to find what is there in your subconscious mind. 

Our Subconscious Mind Is 30000 Times More Powerful
The Oasis Test Will Reveal Your Innermost Thoughts: Relational Psychology Quiz

Are you ready to know yourself?

Take The Oasis Test – Relational Psychology Quiz!

Before we start, please remember that you must concentrate on how you feel about what you are seeing and it details and not just on how it looks. This oasis test will help in providing clarity to you, on a mental level.

1. Think of a dessert

You’re walking down the road and you see a box. You walk up to the box and look inside of it.
What does the box contain?

2. Think of retirement

Now imagine yourself in the position of being able to retire right now.
Where would you spend the rest of your life?

3. Imagine being lost

You’ve been wandering around a desert all day completely lost.
In the distance, you see a village.
You also see a deserted oasis full of water, plants, and food.
Which do you go to?

4. Think of setbacks

Think of everything that you have in life.
What would you do if you suddenly lost everything?

5. Weekend plan

Tomorrow is Sunday, what do you plan to do?

6. Think of trouble

If you found yourself in a tight spot, where would you go for help?
Who would you ask?

7. Think of aging

If you could pick one age to be for the rest of your life, what would it be?

8. Think of death

If you were told you had 24 hours to live, how would you spend that time?

9. Think of your priority

If your home was on fire and you could save only one thing, what would you save?

The Meanings According To Relational Psychology Are Listed Below!

1. Box represents your luck

  • What you found in the box is representative of the kind of luck you think you’d have in an unexpected circumstance.
  • Was the box empty? – You might not feel that lucky.
  • Was the box full of money or puppies? – You may consider yourself luckier.

2. Your retirement plan represents your current state of life

  • If the place you chose to retire in was where you are already, you’re probably pretty comfortable with life.
  • If you chose a far-off destination, you’re likely a dreamer or romantic.
  • If you can’t decide, you likely have few loyalties and attachments.

3. What you do when you are lost represents your responsibility

  • If you went to the oasis, you likely prefer to play overwork.
  • If you went to the village, you generally assume responsibility for yourself and others in your care.

4. Your response to losses represent your proactive behavior

If you looked to make a fresh start after losing everything, you’re likely the kind of person who takes responsibility for your actions and doesn’t simply react intensely to life’s circumstances.

5. Your Sunday plans represent your financial habits

Sundays are a day you’re free to do what you want.

  • If you stayed home and relaxed, you likely don’t spend much.
  • If you went out and did some physical activity, you’re likely a saver.
  • If you simply walked around, you’re likely very thrifty.
  • If you went out and bought an awesome new TV, well…

6. What you do when in trouble represents your mindset

  • If you’re the type who sought to fix things yourself, you’re likely a strong character leading a self-assured life.
  • If you turned to friends or family, you’re likely a bit insecure.
  • If you seek legal advice, you’re probably a lawyer.
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