The Depression

The Depression Decorum



“I came to a point in my life where I was like, ‘I can either just give up and die or I can fight for what I want’ ”

Chester Bennington




A lot of people loved him.As he was a celebrity a lot of these people shared emotions with him. Celebrity might be a person for himself but for a lot of other people he might be a savior. If you don’t like anyone around you, or your life, you might savor the character, the art. That’s why people mourn the death of these people. It’s not as fake as it seems on social media.

So What is Depression? Is it really sadness? Or is it some kind of happiness? I have suffered, So I can talk a little bit about my variant.Depression is not as Dark as other people think it is.

“Depression is sexy” 

But of a different kind. At the emotional level, you are opened to some “chest of thought”, you understand people better, you understand pain better. It’s a different kind of understanding. Depression might be, due to sadness but it’s not sadness.

It’s some kind of deeply satisfying dark happiness. Others don’t understand. You are continuously increasing your distance from things around you. And you enjoy being distant.

You don’t like anything like money, fame, any material thing. It’s like a river, you just flow down and down. It’s such an amazing feeling so soothing, I don’t know why people have termed it so heavily with darkness.

It’s actually opening to something new. It’s like taking the weed and seeing something different from termed reality.Who knows what is real. We consider yourself logical, It is a great sarcasm, because who we have termed reality as this is because it’s more continuous and we spend more time in it. I might think weed is a way to come back to life(I don’t take one) from this virtual reality.

You know Depression gives you a different outlook on a life. It gives you a lot if you don’t have something to cheer. But what makes it beautiful, makes it addictive.

Get out of my head, Get out.Infestation, twisting my thought into a dark hideous slithering .(copied)

“Depression is Addictive and Dangerous” 

These things which make it sexy as hell makes it damn addictive. You would like to sleep all day cherishing those thoughts which are just flowing. It is as beautiful as any other addictive shit. Believe me, Depression is the lot about addiction without any hangover.

Now why it’s Dangerous. Because it’s addictive(LOL). No, Because it takes you to an inevitable conclusion.

 ‘Death is an end of everything’, In everything, there is a pain, and day to day struggle as well. In everything, there is negativity and uncouth stress.At this point, it becomes dangerous(even though I don’t agree).

Because it leads you to an inevitable action, Suicide. If you embrace, ‘Thanatos’ is waiting for you but if you don’t embrace and fight alone against your untamed addiction. And there is a lot of chance you will lose. This is a place where you need, help is required because you are so convinced that “death is a lot more beautiful than life”.Is it?(Controversial ).

Believe me when you don’t embrace it’s hellishly dark.

Like a wet kiss, She asks for surrender.Like a soft whisper, She seduces.(copied)

“The logical reasoning behind depression”

I think it’s all stimulus and loneliness. But if I refine my words I would say a long withdrawal after a drunken night. Trigger for withdrawal or depression is a short term happiness after a long term loneliness(My specific trigger).

Mind creates this stimulus, I think some hormonal induced logics and emotions. Like a lot other. It’s an amalgam of hormones and situation.

“You are a celebrity” 

Like a celebrity there a lot of people around you who unknowingly share some bonds with you. I went to a ceremonial march for a suicidal boy.

There I saw how everyone even people like me who never saw that man, were connected as a common conscience. Most don’t have the caliber to show some genuine emotions. They don’t have the finesse.

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