The Anxious Soul (Patient)

Whenever I grasp the depths of my soul, I find that there are places within this ambiance that are filled with luminous lights of sadness, despair, ineptness and anxiety. A perfect brightness and hue of the darkest portion is more deceitful than the bleakness itself. I sometimes associate my emotional distresses and the panic attacks with the different colors as they occur to me. The orange color with in me with the touch of black, pure black denotes that my sadness has overruled my entire being and where the ordinary orange color depicts bliss and triumph, my kind of orange color is a true definition of sorrow and mourning. How do you make a perfect pink color, the one that is attractive to girls? You mix red color with the white and create distinctive shades of pink and then to make it look like My pink color, you add some black in to the combination.Normally,the pink color signifies the sweetness and tenderness while my kind of pink indicates vagueness and sparseness. How do you constitute a royal blue color? It is a primary color, you get it as using the pure blue color without any mingling and mixing. Blue is considered to be healthy for the cognition and bodily health. It symbolizes the faith and heaven. While my blues are merely blues denoting melancholia, anxieties and depression. Lastly, what if your beloved color is black and still you don’t want the intermixing of other preferred colors with the bleak one? My color wheel has an exaggerated amount of black that makes my personality an anxious one. The irony is, the only thing that gives the love response back to me is the color of darkness. I love black and the black adores me.

Asma Rashid//Decipherable Writings

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