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Why Sleep and Success Go Hand in Hand

Why Sleep and Success Go Hand in Hand

Sleep and Success Go Hand in Hand

If you want to be successful, you have to put in the time and dedication. Sleep and success are strongly linked. The more well-rested you are, the more energy you have to push yourself to your dream destination.

Sounds like a fairytale, right? It’s hard to maintain a strict, or even regular, sleep schedule in this busy world, but sleep and success go hand in hand. Get more rest and be successful in every area of life by transforming the way you sleep and live daily:

Prepare Your Meals Before Your Week Starts

Whether you cook for one or a whole family, meal preparation may take anywhere from one to two hours out of your day. There’s preparing the ingredients, cooking, eating and clean up.

Imagine the time you’d save daily if you spent part of a day off preparing your breakfast, lunch or dinner for the rest of the week. You save time and eat healthier, instead of grabbing a breakfast bar or burrito at a fast food joint.

The truth is that what you take into your body affects your sleep and your energy levels. You may think a heavy meal will help you sleep. Certain foods with the amino acid tryptophan, such as turkey, eggs and chicken, do make you drowsy. Yet, your body is better off having less work to do with digestion and keeping you up. Do not have fatty, fried or spicy foods before bed, for that reason.

It’s better to eat lightly before bed. Avoid stimulants and alcohol. Heavy meals with much protein are better saved for breakfast and lunch when your body needs to get through the day.

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Transform Your Bedroom into a Sleep Sanctuary

What ruins your sleep for the next day could be in the bedroom. Your bed is supposed to be a sanctuary for you to be well-rested and relaxed, yet distractions and stress threaten to take over most bedrooms.

Do you retreat to your bedroom to watch TV or stare at your smartphone before bed? Technology affects your sleep by suppressing melatonin, which controls your sleep cycle, and keeping your brain turned on.

It’s better to remove the technology for your room to get to sleep and stay asleep. Check your phone and watch your shows two hours before bed, and then start practicing a nightly sleep ritual to ease into sleep, such as yoga or reading a book. Go to bed and wake up at the same time to regulate your sleep cycle.

If street lights or sunlight affects your sleep, install black out curtains. Ear plugs and a fan set on low are great tools to distract you from snorers and other noises that threaten a sound night’s sleep.

Transform your bedroom into a place where you feel truly relaxed. Your body will notice the difference.

Embrace Polyphasic Sleep

Never been an eight-hour sleeper? Modern society prefers monophasic sleep, where you get your snooze time in all at once. What if you could get less sleep and feel just as energized as you are supposed to be, in a healthy way?

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