5 Signs Your Room Needs Cleansing in Quarantine


5 Signs Your Room Needs Cleansing in Quarantine

Does your room need cleansing?

We are facing an unprecedented global pandemic and we are all advised to stay at home. However, the more we stay at home the more we cope with our emotions, our fears, our frustration and pet peeves.

We may stay alone or with the same people over again. Although we may love those people, this time we are given so abundantly might mess with our heads, spotting flaws we would easily overcome back when we had a ‘normal life’.

This adds and thickens the astral energy in your home and room. Although this might be a great opportunity to work with the energies of your home, for the reasons mentioned above or others, things might get messier.

These are when these ‘Signs your Room needs Cleansing in Quarantine’ may hit.


Home Energy Cleansing

The best way to make a breakthrough is by cleansing our space and shifting the energies. You have read from me before that what we do not need should go. This will create the fertile soil for new things to come. Therefore, for all new blessings to come, we must clear the channel to allow the energy flow freely like a bird in the blue sky. See how to do it here!

Find out the ways to clear and raise the energy in your home. Read 10 Ways To Clear And Raise The Energy In Your Home


Signs your Room needs Cleansing in Quarantine

There are many possible signs. We have created a handy list which can be used either you are or not in quarantine.

Although these signs are possible to hit more often when we hang out in the same home over and over again, they can also appear anytime for many reasons.

You see, we are in a world full of mystical energy currents that affect us, whether we see them or not.

5 Signs Your Room Needs Cleansing in Quarantine

1.Dog/cat refuses to enter a Room or acts weird

One of the most common signs that a room is spiritually ‘infected’, is when animals who live in this place may act weird all of a sudden. This makes sense when the dog/cat used to visit the room and hanged out there before.

Animals see in a different spectrum. Thus they perceive other psychic stimuli, most of us are not able to comprehend that easily. This is why Witches have always chosen to hang around animals, as they can multiply the range of stimuli they can comprehend.


2. Weird Dreams & Nightmares

It’s well known in occult circles, that dreaming again and again of a symbolic nightmare might be a sign of a psychic attack. Although a nightmare might easily reflect temporary tension or anxiety, it may also mean something less ordinary.

The Dreamworld is considered a different Realm, one that can be accessed by many entities including ourselves. In this Realm, we get additional stimuli that sometimes our spirit interprets as nightmares to warn us of possible danger.

Your Nightmares might surprisingly be trying to hint you at something you have been long ignoring. Read 10 Nightmares And What They Are Trying To Tell You


3. Glasses breaking

It’s considered one of the most common signs of psychic activity when glass, for no apparent reason breaks. This includes ceramic instruments.

Due to the nature of the psychic phenomena, materials like glass are sensitive to intense negativity. When this energy current fills the room, glasses break. The same occurs when a negative entity visits a place.


4. Plants dying

Plants are amazing creatures and friends of Witches and humankind. However, they do not have a sufficient aura-cleansing system. This is why they are so vulnerable when evil energy is around. They get sick easily.

Of course, this has additional importance if the plants who get sick or die are supposed to endure or have a specific association with health and well-being (like rosemary, basil). At the


5. Electronic Devices fail

Similarly to glasses breaking, electronic devices usually fail when negative energy starts to gather or in the presence of evil entities. Lights shimmering, computers ‘frozen’ or any kind of electric equipment not working.

Most psychic phenomena have additional electromagnetic manifestations and this is why these types of energies can affect devices.

Peculiar Signs your Room needs Cleansing in Quarantine

Witchy Advice:
Ok, even if you are not ‘polluted’ by dark energies, performing cleansing can protect yours from evasive energy currents.

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5 Signs Your Room Needs Cleansing in Quarantine 5 Signs Your Room Needs Cleansing in Quarantine

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