7 Signs You Need Emotional Healing

Signs You Need Emotional Healing

5. You react, you don’t respond

Do you feel that you are more anxious, moody, irritated, and angry than usual? Then it’s a sign that you need emotional healing. When you are coping with emotional and psychological trauma, you will have difficulty controlling your emotions. You will become more agitated and angry and incapable of calming yourself down. You react aggressively at the slightest ‘provocation’ without even considering how your reactions may hurt others.

As we encounter difficult experiences that conjure up strong emotions, responding rather than reacting to those encounters is self-empowering.  When we do, we’re very likely to treat ourselves with healthful and beneficial energy,” explains Power of Positivity.

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6. You have difficulty in letting go

You tend to hold on to thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and memories that don’t serve you any longer. Instead of letting go of negative thoughts and emotions, you desperately hold on to them even when you’re aware that they are becoming destructive.

However, it is only by letting go of emotions like fear, jealousy, and anger, you can finally start to control your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Instead of avoiding your difficult emotions, acknowledge and accept as a part of yourself. This will help you start the process of letting go.

Aspiring yogini Bhavika writes “Only when we step out of our comfort zone can we experience adventure, get the opportunity to view life from a different lens, grow as a person and more importantly develop courage to look within; that’s when the magic happens.

7 Signs You Need Emotional Healing
7 Signs You Need Emotional Healing

7. You feel depressed

True emotional healing will begin only when you become aware of the problems and acknowledge that you are wounded inside. When you feel overly anxious, stressed, and depressed most of the time, it means you need to actively start healing yourself. The more wounded we are, the more depression can start crippling us.

“Depression deeply affects your ability to function and perform day-to-day activities, making it difficult and overwhelming to know where to begin to overcome it,” explains Vedic educator  Rachelle Williams.

“Sadness is the bottom emotion to depression and fear is the bottom emotion to anxiousness,” states an article in Power of Positivity. It is only by facing these emotions can we ensure that our feelings, thoughts, and behaviors will not be controlled by them. It adds “Healing our mind and health through self-reflection and action is exactly what helps with some kinds of depression and anxiety.”

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7 Signs You Need Emotional Healing
7 Signs You Need Emotional Healing

Here are some other signs you need emotional healing that you must watch out for:

  • Certain things like words, songs, places often act as emotional triggers and open old wounds.
  • You tend to overreact most of the time as you feel it’s about a deeper problem.
  • You have difficulty in forgiving others and tend to hold grudges longer than you should.
  • Certain memories from the past keep replaying in your mind constantly.
  • You feel insecure which affects your self esteem and self confidence.
  • You tend to suffer from certain cognitive dissonance.
  • You have difficulty in maintaining your relationships with your family and romantic partner.
  • You feel trapped in the same monotonous routine every single day.
  • You feel anxious and overwhelmed all the time.
  • You have an inner feeling that something has to change in you and your life.
  • You are afraid of living your life fully as you feel things will get worse when you do.

Give Yourself The Permission To Heal

And you can do that only when you acknowledge your true emotions and thoughts. Do whatever you need to and start over. If that means changing your job, city, or leaving an abusive relationship, then take charge and allow yourself to start the healing process.

7 Signs You Need Emotional Healing
7 Signs You Need Emotional Healing

Emotional healing can only begin when you step out of the past and become who you are meant to be. Heal your mind, body, and spirit and start creating the life you want. Take responsibility for yourself.

Bhavika concludes “Self-healing is possible. Learn to let go and the rest will fall into place. Sometimes you need to just step back, breathe and take some time to heal yourself.

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7 Signs You Need Emotional Healing
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7 Signs You Need Emotional Healing

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