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Signs In High School

Signs In High School

Signs In High School

Aries: Normal boring teenager with headphones  

Taurus: The one who tries to be a bad bitch  

Gemini: The weird one who everybody wants to be friend with  

Cancer: Sooo bad in school but has a lot of friends and is always happy  

Leo: Is actually hot but nobody sees it  

Virgo: The smart one in school but turns out into a tough cookie after school  

Libra: The one that doesn’t look perfect but somehow everybody is attracted to them and their personality is 10/10  

Scorpio: The one that looks bitchy at everyone and everyone is afraid of them  

Sagittarius: Cute but is like a 10 year old  

Capricorn: The hot sporty person  

Aquarius: Doesn’t fit in at all, listen to music everytime someone talks to them  

Pisces: Everyone likes this person

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