7 Indicators You Are Dating An Alcoholic

Indicator Dating Alcoholic

Alcoholism is fast becoming a serious issue to deal with in modern society. Chances are you might know someone or the other, with alcohol abuse issues. The worst part of alcoholism is that it is a progressive disease. So, the more they drink, the worse they get. And with time, the symptoms start getting more and more obvious. If you see any of these symptoms in the person you are with, then chances are that you might be dating an alcoholic.

Even though it is comparatively easier to detect alcoholism in the later stages, it might prove to be a challenge doing the same initially. It is not always possible to understand who is heavily dependent on alcohol and who just simply likes to drink (social drinking). However, there are a few signs that might help you predict this better.

Here Are 7 Indicators That You Might Be Dating An Alcoholic

1. They drink to de-stress themselves.

When alcohol becomes a way of coping with everything in life, it is a sure-shot sign of alcoholism. An alcoholic will want to drink when they are angry, sad, or stressed out in any way. Even when they are extremely happy, they will want to drink to their heart’s content, because they simply cannot function without it.

For them, alcohol is their best friend and something they cannot imagine their lives without. Drinking means more to them than it does to other people, and that is where the difference between an alcoholic and non-alcoholic becomes clearer. 

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2. Their social life centers around drinking. 

If you see someone always pushing to have alcohol in every social event, or when they choose to only participate in things that have alcohol, then it is a big sign of being an alcoholic. When a person is well on the way of being an alcoholic, they start looking to drink in any and every way possible, which includes their social life.

They will always prefer to go to those places, that serve alcohol. Even if they go for a movie or bowling once in a while, they will stay distracted and will itch to go to a pub or bar. And if they do get a chance to do that, you will see that they are instantly happier and more energetic when surrounded by alcohol.

3. Alcoholism runs in their family. 

When alcoholism runs in the family, there is a very high chance of a person becoming an alcoholic by default, compared to people who don’t have any family history of alcoholism. The more you spend time with someone, the more you get to know them and their family better.

If you notice other people in their family with an alcohol abuse problem that has been going on for years, then chances are that the person you are in a relationship with might also develop the same problem. Genetics and family history play a huge part in facilitating alcoholism in people.

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4. You will notice drastic changes in personality. 

A typical Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde situation comes into play when alcoholism is concerned. When an alcoholic is sober, they will exhibit a very calm, kind, and normal demeanor (Dr. Jekyll. But once they start getting drunk, chances are that their personality will change drastically.

They will become short-tempered, aggressive, abusive (verbally, emotionally, and possibly physically), and loud (Dr. Hyde). Apart from all this, an alcoholic might even get overly emotional when drunk, whereas when they are sober, they hardly express any of their emotions. If you notice such huge changes in someone, then they might be well on their way of being an alcoholic.

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