Show And Sell

Show And Sell

Show And Sell

Are you a believer of gossips
Buying everything they tell
The act in and of which oneself
Reveals the lie they buy and sell

If we can’t believe what we hear
Or read and only half we saw
Why are you quick to cast judgement
Are you afraid of truth so raw

When mutton gets dressed up as lamb
And we no longer call spade’s spade
Would you believe me and receive me
Or sell yourself to get paid?

Choices and decisions get thrown at us everyday. Just because you accepted an offer to dance and explore one opportunity doesn’t necessarily mean that that opportunity will fulfil its potential. You can dedicate and attach yourself to an idea, for example marriage or fossil fuels, however if the intention and purpose of these ideas become corrupted or falsified in any way their real value diminishes rapidly and often abruptly.

In this throw away society that Capitalism and Consumerism has created under the watchful guidance of each of us as individuals, have we collectively shown and sold ourselves on fear based idealisms that threaten to extinct our species by limiting opportunities for future generations? Is a renewable and sustainable future possible if we continue to ignore our responsibilities and the consequences of our current intentions? Fukushima again anyone?

If change isn’t possible then why do we age? Why isn’t summer here all year around? Do opposites exist purely to make us fully appreciate the alternate perspective? Or is dancing with someone, or something, the perfect mix of fear and excitement that gives life it’s meaning? What do you choose to allow to take up space in this limited time that you have to live?

You will always have the freedom of choice if you choose to identify options that serve your own higher purposes. Once consciousness is expanded to include not just yourself but all others, including those who came before us and those who are yet to come, will you do unto others as they do to you or will you do unto others as though they are you?

Compassion is often taken advantage of because takers are conditioned to the “infinite growth in a finite world” lie which loops continually expanding exponentially like a snowball gathering momentum and size until inevitably it reaches critical mass. How do we stop it? We don’t give it snow. We don’t feed into the lie and give it our energies. We instead make aware and informed choices that won’t lead us into poor health, financial collapse or nuclear war.

We show and we sell. Do you know what you tell?