She Is A Fighter, And Giving Up Is Not In Her Emotional Vocabulary

She Is A Fighter And Giving Up Is Not In Her Emotional Vocabulary

She is a fighter, and giving up is not in her emotional vocabulary.  She will gladly go to war for the people she loves, realizing too late that she is fighting alone. She has never turned her back on someone without, not one, but a string of reasons.  She has the patience of a saint and the tenacity of a crab, holding on as if for dear life to those who do not value her. Second, third, fourth chances are something she is familiar with as she strives for happiness, always with the wrong one, always leading to more disappointment.  Stubbornly, she will blind herself to their faults until they are impossible to ignore, and only then will she begin to doubt her own choices. And so begins the fight to free herself, to withdraw emotionally, and to change direction.  And to forgive herself for her own bad judgment and her unswerving ability to see the best in someone even when they are unwilling to show it.  
– j.sexton


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