Shall We Dance

Shall We Dance

Shall We Dance

Can a dog be taught new tricks
How did it learn the ones it knows
Would you chase your own tail
Blinded by the face on your nose

A kitten curious and brave
When loved releases a purr sure
Endless is its pursuit of truth
Playful it pounces yet demure

A game of “cat and mouse” always
Ends up raining cats and dogs
The happy ever after ends
While chasing Prince you turn to frogs.


No currency is held and cannot exist either yesterday or tomorrow, there is only now. Everything and anything else you tell yourself is a lie. Be honest. Be aware. Be here now. To project fear and perceptions into the future is to deny the existence of both your own free will and others.

If you’re jumping to conclusions and assuming the desired outcome without actively pursuing your intentions now? When do you expect that perceived future to become now? If you want peace, be peace. If you want love, be love. If you want happiness, be happy. A common misconception is that ideas belong to individuals when in fact quite the opposite is true.

People belong to ideas, which is why thought ultimately has so much power, and if you refuse to consent by acting on these thoughts they’ll never become a reality until someone else does. All you own is your thoughts and your actions. When you consent yourself to acting on a thought you effectively create what’s then yet to be classified as normal or abnormal behavior by society as a collective.

I’m yet to meet or read about a normal person who helped the collective evolve and it would appear to be a daunting task in this day and age for society to evolve when everybody is so easily offended and anybody that dares to be different is outcast or, even worse, persecuted instead of supported and understood.

The dance of capitalism and consumerism is an intriguing one as it promotes survival of the fittest and yet no one escapes it alive. So what is its purpose? What is our purpose? What is your purpose? Are we so afraid of ourselves and each other that we dare not ask such a question? Are man-made creations such as status/relationships, age/heritage, and economies/wealth more a priority than mankind itself?

This isn’t a “Which came first the chicken or the egg?” scenario. Nothing exists if “you” don’t exist and if you don’t exist now perhaps you never will or did.

Be. Dance. Shall we…

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