What You See First In This Image Can Tell A Lot About Your Hidden Inner Self

 December 20, 2017

What You See First In This Image Can Tell A Lot About Your Hidden Inner Self

Nobody likes people who like to show off and put others down. Also they might start believing that they know everything about everything. In doing so they are turning their back on their very best trait which is keeping an open mind and learning new things and other perspectives which might not match their own.


If You Saw First A Lion

The lion is usually noticed by those who match it in their spirit of fiery freedom. These are the people who function only on their lunches and impulses. They don’t waste time on thinking things through, but rather let their instincts take over. After all, weren’t it our instincts which made survival possible when we were just Hunter-gatherers? Because they live beyond rules and limits, they tend to have a life full of new adventures. But they are often forgetful of others.

They sometimes hurt other people quite badly, even though they had no intention of doing so. They are not evil, but they do forget that their fun might be at the expense of someone else’s property, or feelings. They do aim high and have ambition, but to achieve them, they learn to focus their energies and channel them in a productive way. But when they do get their teeth in something, they never leave it halfway.

They would never back down from a challenge even if it comes at the cost of a personal loss. They are very reckless but they don’t mind set backs as long as they get to do things at their preferred terms. They need to learn to take others along with them and learn from them. This will help them in achieving whatever they want at considerably lower cost.


If You Saw First A Fish

The fish is not the most apparent thing in the picture and so are the people who noticed it. They are good at blending into the background of life but they do leave a remarkable impact. One of the reason why they mix up so well is because they do form a good bond with everyone they meet. They are good towards everyone and inclusive of everyone. They love life and everything that it represents and wish others would do so as well.

However not everyone is like that and people who believe in such selfless love are indeed rare. And yet these people never give up because they genuinely believe what goes around, comes around. They draw their energy from nature and live their life to the fullest, appreciating every single moment they get to experience this magic.

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