He was my safe shelter, He set me free, But Love always made me go back to him

Rabina Rai

He was my safe shelter,
He set me free,
But Love always made me go back to him,
he trusted I won’t fly far from him,
And I trusted him
not to cage me.

Nancy Shurkoff

I forced the door open,
begging to be set free,
but now I realize that YOU,
is where I need to be.

Samuel Jones

When you opened my cage,
I flew to another land.
It wasn’t as far as your other hand.
I tried to escape the trappings of you,
having fallen in a love,
that was meant for two.

Shanlei Jelaine

I knew it would hurt,
I knew it won’t be easy,
I knew I’ll be heart broken once again,
but no matter what I do.
I always find myself going back to you.
For you will always be my home.

Swati Chauhan

Don’t walk into a cage,
Even if cage, of gold,
Love is not a transaction,
Where freedom can be sold.

Rinku Shah


Your hand in mine,
I am on cloud nine!
Let this allow you to bloom,
Not be in a gloom.
Its beauty is when you both shine,
Not play confine…
Complement each other,
You don’t need to be completed by another.
Don’t suffocate,
Instead always celebrate

Karthik Parthasarathy

If I had known I will like you,
I wouldn’t have met you.
If I had known I will fall for you,
I wouldn’t have spoken to you.
If I had known I will get caught in your cage,
I wouldn’t have fallen for you.
If I get another chance to do it right,
I would do the same things
one more time.

Karla Campos

I like that you give me a place to feel safe,
so I always fly in.

I love that you leave the door open,
you understand that I’m wild
and love to fly free.

You tell me not to fly too close to the sun,
very well knowing I won’t listen.
Yet you leave the door open
so I can fly in and heal my wounds.

Ramya Raghuraman

Entering into an emotional bondage ?
Relationships don’t work
when one is caged.
Willing or unwilling,
Being controlled by others
is not really living.

Sherry Greene

And, with a touch of his hand,
she submitted to her captor.

Sulekha Pande

I hold your hand,
you open the cage,
let us be on the same page,
you captor, me captive,
this cage is deceptive,
love is not bondage,
I will not enter this cage.

Emily Montejo Schaeffer

No matter how long
No matter how far
and wherever my wings will take me,
I will always come back to you
because you’re my home
where I belong.

Debra Pry

If you love someone,
Give them the freedom
to be themselves.
Leave the door open,
And see what stays.

Sulekha Pande

The willing captive.

Kit Batina

I am held captive by your love,
but set free by your touch

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