Religion Is For People Who Are Afraid Of Going To Hell


Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those who have already been there.

– Vine Deloria Jr 

20 thoughts on “Religion Is For People Who Are Afraid Of Going To Hell”

  1. O hell, right so hell is a dark cold place wear you will flot though time and age alone forever with the conscious of your own memory there is no light no company space without stars that’s death.

  2. Well the Bible clearly shows this by using Fear by the statements made by many! This is how they control people.
    Spirituality doesn’t promote Fear. It recognizes it as part of all Human Conditions. It’s part of the Negatives we carry. It’s up to us INDIVIDUALLY to recognize, face and contain Fear as with the rest of the Negatives. The Eternal which resides in all living things gives us the Graces, Humbleness, Contentment and Love for our Lives in this Realm. To help us learn the lessons we were sent here to learn and to help those in need.

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