Ranked From Most To Least Stubborn Zodiac Signs In An Argument

Ranked From Most to Least Stubborn Zodiac Signs in an Argument

Most To Least Stubborn In An Argument

  1. Taurus: Don’t even try. ( Most )
  2. Scorpio: Jeez
  3. Leo: “I don’t care what you say, blah blah, I can’t hear you!”
  4. Aquarius: If they decide to be Mr. Right, THEY SIMPLY ARE
  5. Capricorn: Mr. Always Knows Best.
  6. Aries: “No. No. No. You’re wrong just shut THE FUCK UP”
  7. Cancer: They’ve got a few strong beliefs. Very strong beliefs.
  8. Sagittarius: Hard headed when they care enough.
  9. Gemini: “You’re wrong, what’s the point?” Too oblivious for that.
  10. Pisces: Will let you win if you scream at them, because seriously people, stop screaming OMG!
  11. Virgo: They know they’re right but will let you think you won.
  12. Libra: Pledging allegiance to peace and love, as always. ( Least )

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