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10 Question Quiz That’ll Reveal Your True Personality

Question Quiz Reveal Your True Personality

Did you know that the choices we make in our daily lives can reveal a lot about who we are as a person? It’s often easy to understand others but when it comes to our own personalities, we are not always very sure.
If we ask you, what’s your personality like, will you be able to answer this question promptly? Well, many won’t! This is why we bring to you 10 hard choices that will reveal your true personality type!

Every question will have two options and only one of those two can be selected. You will be awarded 1 star for choosing option A and 2 stars for B. In the end, the total number of stars will lead you to your result!

Are you ready? Let’s start then!

Question 1 – What Will You Choose?

1. A rainy night with thunderstorms


2. A freezingly cold winter afternoon

Don’t think too much! You’re supposed to make a choice based on your first impulse.

Question 2 – What Will You Choose?

1. The smell of old books?


2. The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning

Did you know that the smell of old books is called Bibliosmia? And that of coffee grounds is termed the Bouquet?

Question 3 – What Will You Choose?

1. On a Sunday evening, would you rather binge-watch FRIENDS or any other old sitcom?


2. Watch the latest web series everyone is talking about?

So what did you choose this time?

Question 4 – What Will You Choose?

1. Calling in sick and catching up on sleep?


2. Calling in sick and getting all your pending job done around the house?

Time to get your stars!

Question 5 – What Will You Choose? 

1. Saying no and turning down an invite that you are not keen to attend?


2. Saying yes half-heartedly and then canceling at the last minute?

Do you always cancel on your friends in the eleventh hour? Or do you say no and politely refuse an offer?

Question 6 – What Will You Choose?

1. Giving a speech in front of all your friends?


2. Attending a party where you don’t know anyone?

Boy, that’s a toughy!

Question 7 – What Will You Choose?

1. A weekend trip with a guy you just met?


2. A weekend with your new beau’s whole family?

So what did you choose this time!

Question 8 – What Will You Choose?

1. Hiring a methodical yet bossy wedding planner who’ll run a tight ship?


2. Stressing yourself out by planning and managing your own wedding?

Don’t let your wedding day turn into a nightmare.

Question 9 – What Will You Choose?

1. Sending your kids off to their grandparents and planning a trip with friends?


2. Taking your kids to Disneyland for their summer vacation?

Taking a break from being a parent is not a bad thing.

Question 10 – What Will You Choose?

1. A partner who will always tell you what to do?


2. A partner who will always comply with all your decisions?

The moment of truth is here!

Calculate your stars and get ready for your result!

If you are anywhere between 10 to 13 stars, then you are someone who is reserved, cerebral, and likes to keep it to themselves. You like to stay organized and follow a routine-based life. You value principles and nothing can deter you from your ethics. You don’t judge others but find it hard to connect with most people. You like your company and prefer to spend quiet time with a book or listening to the rain falling outside. You seek order and peace in your life. You would rather stick to the familiar than try out new things.

And if you find your place between 14 to 16 stars, you are someone who likes to bend the rules according to your situation. just that you are dynamic, have a wide range of interests, and don’t fit any mold. You have many friends but no one knows you in your entirety. You know how to connect with people by being on their frequency. So they know only what you choose to let on. You are helpful and can empathize with others, yet you know how to maintain a firm and healthy boundary when needed.

If your score ranges between 17 to 20 stars, then you are a thrill-seeker and an outgoing person. The world is your oyster and nothing can dampen your spirit. You are also an agile person who has no qualms about meeting people in the middle and coping with sudden and drastic changes. You follow the simple rule of “live and let live”. You never harm anyone intentionally but if provoked you can get nasty. You are also protective of your near and dear ones.

So did you like our quiz? 
We hope you could identify your personality type. Do let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

Question Quiz Reveal True Personality pin
10 Question Quiz That’ll Reveal Your True Personality
Question Quiz True Personality
10 Question Quiz That’ll Reveal Your True Personality

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