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Plagiarism in College Essay Writing as a Major Offense

Plagiarism College Essay Writing

Plagiarism in College Essay Writing as a Major Offense

Modern students in the process of preparing a variety of scientific papers must solve several problems. One of them is a headache for most students and is widely discussed among students and teachers.

The work should be unique, that is, not borrowed from other sources, but written by the student. It would seem that this is quite logical because the student himself must create a scientific work, and not copy-paste it from the Internet. However, not everything is so simple.

Any work is based on data obtained by other researchers and has an impressive theoretical part, which means that the work cannot be completely unique a priori.

At the same time, the requirements of some teachers are at least 80% uniqueness or more. Therefore, students are forced to work for days to increase the level of originality of their work. In this article, we will talk about how to properly circumvent anti-plagiarism and save your nerves, using the legal methods.

So, plagiarism is a deliberate illegal use of someone else’s creative work. More understandably, this is a situation in which someone published the brainchild of another person under personal authorship. Of course, this is wrong and unfair. No one has the right to steal third-party labor.

But sometimes mentors want too much from students. For example, coursework on the topic “Proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem” with the originality of at least 90%. How to deal with this problem? For such precedents, this note has been prepared.

How to Check the Uniqueness of the Text

It is enough to use the site or utilities to know the uniqueness of your work. Preference should be given to more famous services. Often, students use free sites or platform demos that are unable to process the entire information archive. As a result, after inspection by teachers on paid programs, the publication is rejected. If you see that the uniqueness is low, use the following recommendations to make it higher.

Third-Party Help 

Often, tired of prolonged formatting, the right thought does not occur. In this situation, you should invite your friend or colleague to read the text and make your own corrections. And the easiest way is to use pro essay writing service, which will increase the uniqueness of the completed essay or develop a new one for a fee. You should pay attention to platforms for the sale of unique content. By registering and replenishing the account, you can place an order and wait for a suitable contractor.

Deep Rewrite 

This is the easiest and most popular method of increasing the uniqueness of a text. It consists of rewritings of unsatisfactory fragments. For enthusiastic personalities, this is quite a fun pastime. It is enough to delve into the process, and progress will not take long.

But in the case of formulas and tables, a photo editor comes to the rescue. Screenshots or images of the necessary numerical calculations can be attached to the existing result.

Automatic Word Wrap 

This function transfers the elements of the word to the next line, which allows the program to count them as two independent entities. However, this specific method will not increase the identity of the design by tens of percent but only embellish it.

Double Translation 

After the translation of the text, its design is fully formatted. And the words will become different. Therefore, the anti-plagiarism service will show a bigger percentage of uniqueness.

Why You Shouldn’t Cheat

So, you should not try to trick the system because of the following reasons:

  • In most cases, an experienced and competent teacher recognizes a fake document. He annually studies tens of hundreds of such texts and is able to detect a catch. The first sign of fraud is the abundance of spelling errors. The consequences can be extremely dire. The teacher has the right not to forgive the malicious violator of the rules and to withdraw the essay by rating it as unsatisfactory. As a result, time and energy will be lost. In addition, you have to do a new paper. This is a double blow to the student’s mental abilities. But if a professor is not so severe and will allow correcting the existing look, it is still fraught with a loss of time.
  • Reputation. In addition to the hours spent refining or creating a new project, you can lose something more valuable. The reputation and respect of the teacher cannot be earned again. And if he is convinced of the dishonesty of his student, further studies may not proceed so well. All subsequent creations of the deceiver may be checked extremely careful.


Summarizing all of the above, we can conclude that there is still a chance to deceive or cheat when writing text to achieve an increased percentage of uniqueness. But do not forget about the human factor. As mentioned above, a qualified teacher will be able to unravel the borrowed plot. And it will not lead to a good conclusion. Therefore, the best option for maintaining a reputation and enhancing personal knowledge is writing your own work or ordering it online.