Of Course I Talk To Myself


Of Course I Talk To Myself

Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes I need expert advice.

27 responses to “Of Course I Talk To Myself”

  1. Cindy Conejero Avatar

    It is healthy to talk to yourself…rather than talk to senseless people..

  2. Rach Bennetts Avatar

    Rina Mill!!!! True true.

    1. Rina Mill Avatar

      Oh my, I talk to me all the time.

  3. Amanda Lam Avatar

    Baz Al-Asad cant help but link you again

  4. Jupiter Rising Avatar

    And answer myself and very comfortable with it.

  5. Katy Look Avatar

    Sure……. Haha

  6. Kristina Borcic Avatar

    Mia Brusić lol true.

  7. Malvina Orfanidou Avatar

    OF COURSE!! ena me kollisis j mena :p

  8. Jodi Mayer Avatar

    Lol. Robert Nadeau☺️

  9. Jajo Tamma Avatar

    i always talk to myself and i unconsciously reply to myself

  10. Muhammed Haris Avatar

    me too…but do anyone want to change my habit 😀

  11. Say Keng Lee Avatar

    There is nothing wrong talking to yourself. You just need to be mindful of the fact that the self-talk mechanism cuts both ways – negatively or positively. A negative self-talk can throw you into a downward spiral of self-fulfilling prophecy, while a positive self-talk can engender positive spirit and expectancy. Frankly, you don’t have to seek expert advice. All you need are moments of solitude and quietude to think through your problem or issue or challenge at hand. Of course you can talk to or seek advice from knowledgeable persons in your support group, or network if any, but the ultimate decision for proceed with the next steps hinge on you alone.

    1. Annemarie Decato Avatar

      Sounds professionl!!

    2. Dora Sam Avatar

      Well Said..!!

    3. JohariSaudi Mohd Ali Avatar

      Talk to the expert means talking to the real master that lies deep inside of us. Not the external master or expert

    4. Charie Hamilton Avatar

      i think it is saying that he/she is the expert that why he/she talks to herself or himself. It suppose to be funny.

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