1. If, and only if PEOPLE learn, if PEOPLE change and PEOPLE move on …. then, never judge PEOPLE by their past!

    Life experience is the best teacher, and for the most PART, past behavior will inform one about present and future behavior!

    Let us be real and true to ourselves!

  2. not entirely. people who want to change, change.

    some people are set in their ways and refuse to see themselves as the problem. those are the people who will consistently make empty promises that they have no intentions of keeping. they tend to use flaky excuses to justify their shitty behaviour, and their constant lies and disappointments

  3. Leopards. Never change thier spots ,once a liar always a liar , you can take a man out of the bog ,But ! You ,will never take the bog out of the man ,.the bottom line is when a person is brought up by dysfunctional parents they will always remain dysfunctional them selves ,it’s a fact of life