My sings loud, “Pom-pom-pom”

My sings loud, "Pom-pom-pom"

“Pom-pom-pom”, my heart sings loud, “Pom-pom-pom…”

Admist the crowd, it sings out loud, “Pom-pom-pom…”

Difficulties in and out, but my heart sings loud, “Pom-pom-pom…”

Breathing against the constraints, my heart sings loud “Pom-pom-pom…”

I wonder why, when it should just cry, does it sing out loud, “Pom-pom-pom.. “?


And then just a sound, “Pom-pom-pom…”, I hear calling out, “Pom-pom-pom…”

“..Will it get us through? The cry and howl? Pom-pom-pom….”

“….Ever thought why I was created to beat with a ‘thomp’, to release blood and pressure? Pom-pom-pom”….

“My friend I work with spirit, to create emotions. If you hold your spirit strong and determined, admist the misery you’ll find me sing, ‘Pom-pom-pom’; but if you give up within your soul, I too will fall pale…

It is with you, your spirit I belong… It is within you, the choice to hear this cheer and joy, and  I follow with thrust to join you sing, Pom-pom-pom”.

Moments thereafter, the tiniest of anxiety I had vanished, and all along I determined to sing in spirit, ‘Pom-pom-pom’….


– – – Lifeline Creations by Tanu©


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