Most Men Are Not Running Away From A Great Woman

Most men are not running away from a great woman

Most men are not running away from a great woman. They are running away from parts of themselves they are not willing to fix to deserve her.

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  1. Desiree Morriseau

    I have felt this way since the very first time my heart was broken at 18. My deepest fear is that I am too strong for any man to love. I fear they will always eventually be so overwhelmed by me that they just give up because they cant dominate me and they will always gravitate towards someone weakminded who will let them control them or manipulate them into doing whatever they want. someone who will enable them to lie, cheat, steal or have whatever they want and just always be there, ignorant and aiming to please.I want to make my man happy just cant seem to figure out what that is?

  2. WTF, This publication is sense less, First impresion, a women wrote it when his partner decided to stop the relation.

    Im done with women, cause I dont want to deal with their hormones changes. and unrationality.

    1. Im not willing to change what I like,my hobbies for any person in the world. I hope I stuck to this all my life. Cause I decide for my self, and wont let anyone else do it. Why most womens want to control their partner’s life!?

  3. Running away from spoiled women is common. So many got away with the idea that they were Princesses, and their male counterparts need to ‘change’.

  4. Woman are fucking abusive manipulative selfish insecure thatswhy theywrite these stupid post to put men in the boat but as u can see its only woman agreeing with this and only woman who will ever agree with one should deserve to be loved period u sick bunch of fools

  5. Or what if she doesnt want him to change for her… Like when you are dating an alcoholic and he says I want to stop this behavior for you.. It’s not a really good reason.. In 10 years you got 2 kids.. Get into a fight.. Your relationship deteriorate and he starts drinking again, you still end up with an alcoholic and 2 kids… Find reasons to change outside a relationship.. Don’t make him or her change for you cause it won’t last.. Let them find reasons other good reasons to change or stop the behavior… Or accept the behavior and stop whining..

  6. Or she is somehow scary in her own right and nothing to do with any inadequacy in the man? How sexist are you aiming to be, because you are scoring fairly high I’d say!

  7. How about let people decide whether or not they want to be with someone. I just don’t get this “didn’t deserve you” bullshit. It just sounds like a bandaid that you’re trying to put over rejection.

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