Month Born Personality Traits: What Your Birth Month Says About You?


Month Born Personality Traits

Not only your zodiac sign but your birth month also plays a significant role in shaping your personality. Your month born personality traits can influence your life choices in ways that you cannot imagine.

Personality traits reflect our attitude, thoughts, behavior, and values. Astrology is a great way to get an insight into our habits, ideologies, perspectives, and how we interact with others. But did you know that apart from your birth date, your birth month can also reveal a lot about you? In this article, we will talk about what your birth month says about you, through your most dominant personality facts.

Your Month Born Personality Facts

Here we have accumulated 5 month born personality traits for each month. So, let’s have a look at what your birth month says about you and your personality:

January Month Born Traits

Month Born Personality Facts january
Month Born Personality Traits: What Your Birth Month Says About You?

People born in January are the leaders. They are highly ambitious but the thing that makes them different is their kindness and outspoken personality and that is why people listen to them and are attracted to them.

Strong And Independent – 200%

They crave independence from a very early age. Their strength is their confidence; they like to do their work in their own way. But their negative feature is that they don’t like people telling them what to do.

Imaginative And Creative – 180%

A January month born loves to be creative and to be unique. Being a daydreamer, they can be impulsive at times.

Hardworking – 170%

January babies work hard until they achieve their goals. They are very strict about their work ethics and that is why they are never hesitant to voice their opinions. They are also good at managing money.

A Teacher – 150%

These people love to learn and to teach what they’ve learned. They are highly attentive and it’s their natural ability to impart knowledge. But that also means they are always looking out for people’s flaws and never miss a chance to criticize others for their weaknesses,

Stubborn – 130%

January-born people are determined and self-motivated individuals. They tend to be headstrong and successful in their lives.

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February Month Born Traits

Month Born Personality Facts february
Month Born Personality Traits: What Your Birth Month Says About You?

People born in February are the most empathetic of the lot. They are considerate towards everyone. They are also quite shy and humble and tend to take things easy.

Honest – 150%

February-born people are known for their honesty. They can be sometimes harsh with their honest opinions. But they are very faithful and loyal in every relationship. February borns are dedicated as lovers.

Intelligent – 150%

They love intellectual conversations and look for every opportunity for mental stimulation. They know how to win over their opponents with clever and organized thinking.

Adventurous – 130%

They get alive when given the opportunity of exploration. They are active souls, always looking for exciting adventures.

Emotional – 140%

They are kind and compassionate to others but their sensitivity makes them get hurt very easily. Being born in the month of love, they care and love deeply. When they feel others cannot reciprocate on the same level, they tend to get distant.

Innovative – 180%

These people can think out of the box and they have the ability to innovate unique ideas. Their thinking is quite unique and they don’t follow in other footsteps. They are original in their own way.

March Month Born Traits

Month Born Personality Facts march
Month Born Personality Traits: What Your Birth Month Says About You?

A March month born is a lucky fellow. They are peace-loving dreamers. March is a month to welcome spring and the people born in this month possess optimistic and positive personalities. But they also can be quite vengeful and easily angered.

Optimistic – 130%

People born in march hold a positive attitude towards the future. They assume everything will fall into the right place if the negative aspects can be kept at bay.

Creative – 150%

These people are the gifted ones when it comes to creativity. They have an artistic strike and serenity is what attracts them the most. They tend to be peaceful and quiet and often prefer to spend time alone.

Intuitive – 140%

You cannot deceive them thanks to their intuition. They are observant and analytical and plan things ahead. They don’t like shallow words and they tend to talk and act logically.

Impulsive – 100%

They tend to make quick decisions and can be impatient at times. They are enthusiastic and can get really stubborn if they want to stick to their beliefs.

Philosophers – 150%

People born in March are very good philosophers. They are generous and deep. They like to contemplate a lot about emotions, life, and the challenges of living. They also tend to dwell on their past mistakes.

April Month Born Traits

Month Born Personality Facts april
Month Born Personality Traits: What Your Birth Month Says About You?

People born in April are charismatic and dynamic. They tend to make good friends. They can be both stable and flexible. They are meant to become leaders.

Courageous – 180%

These people have fiery personalities; they are brave and fearless when it comes to facing challenges. They are like an energy ball, driven towards solving their problems and becoming successful.

Confident – 200%

People born in March are extremely confident and dedicated creatures. Their strength is the ability to focus. They are not afraid to trust their instincts. They are also the master of seduction.

Best of Friends – 150%

They value relationships. Friendship is important to them and they are also romantic in nature. They can be great advisers and that’s why people love to be around them. But they also can be your worst enemies if provoked.

Generous – 120%

Ruled by the number four, they are extreme in everything and that goes for their generosity. They are loving and caring as long as they are getting the same love and attention. But they can be overboard with their enthusiasm to help others.

Stubborn – 150%

They are pretty stubborn. They speak their minds and nothing can stop them to get what they want. They can also be selfish and possessive in the way of achieving their goal.

May Month Born Traits

Month Born Personality Facts may
Month Born Personality Traits: What Your Birth Month Says About You?

People born in May are self-expressive. They are intelligent and fun to be around. They are the ones who love to do everything wholeheartedly.

Hard-working – 150%

They are multitaskers. They believe in working hard to fulfill their dreams. They are self-motivated, quick on their feet, and always finish things that they have started. They do things properly and in an organized way.

Restless – 140%

These people tend to get bored easily. They don’t like to stay at the same place for long and that is why they develop a love for traveling. They tend to engage in a lot of hobbies and leisure activities.

Reasonable – 130%

No matter how stubborn they get, they are also realistic and reasonable while setting up their goals. They are efficient in their work as they focus on their priorities and place effort on what is important.

Traditional – 120%

They are conservative in their nature. People born in May don’t like surprises, they hold on to their beliefs and follow a path that suits them. They can be quite reserved in their perspectives too.

Possessive – 140%

They are very devoted partners but this also makes them quite possessive in their relationships. They are possessive with their belongings too. They also can be very materialistic.

June Month Born Traits

Month Born Personality Facts june
Month Born Personality Traits: What Your Birth Month Says About You?

People born in June are romantic, polite, and gentle individuals. They are kind-hearted but never fear to stand up and fight for their loved ones. But they love to gossip about others.

Social – 180%

People born in June are the talkative ones. They are social animals and attract a lot of attention. They are cheerful and fun, and can also be childish sometimes. They believe communication is the key and can charm you with their smooth-talking.

Sensitive – 150%

June borns are the most loving and affectionate people. But they can also be more sensitive than others. They can also be needy and get hurt when things don’t go as per their wish. But they can also guard their emotions very well. They are also romantic at heart.

Idealist – 140%

They follow their ideologies and principles religiously and nothing can sway them from their path of righteousness. They are always on the lookout for chances to apply their ideologies as practical measures in their daily life.

Moody – 120%

They are extremely moody and indecisive. When it comes to making choices, they take a lot of time due to their oscillating mood. They also tend to get bored easily.

Debate – 140%

People born in June are the talkers, which means they never back out from any kind of debate. They can be pretty stubborn, especially when they set their mind not to lose an argument. They won’t stop until they convince you.

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July Month Born Traits

Month Born Personality Facts july
Month Born Personality Traits: What Your Birth Month Says About You?

People born in July are a little more extroverted than the ones born in June. They are friendly, loyal, and loved by their close ones.

Caring – 150%

July borns are caring, sympathetic, and sincere. That is why people find it easy to approach them. They are always ready to help others, sometimes at their own expense.

Friendly – 170%

They are cheerful, fun-loving, honest, and helpful. These are the characteristics needed to make a perfect friend. They have a good sense of humor and their enthusiasm is what makes them a great companion.

Sensitive – 150%

July borns are sentimental and get hurt easily. But they are not the ones to nurture grudges and can forgive easily too. They love to express their emotions and sometimes can be a little dramatic.

Solitude Seeker – 130%

They are quiet and peace lovers. They often find solitude inside their shell, they also tend to harbor dark secrets. That is why they can be temperamental sometimes as they get tired to hide their sadness behind their smile.

Creative – 180%

The July-borns are the most creative creatures. They are open-minded and imaginative, that is why creativity comes naturally to them. They can create a masterpiece out of mundane things.

August Month Born Traits

Month Born Personality Facts august
Month Born Personality Traits: What Your Birth Month Says About You?

People born in August are the ambiverts. They are high-spirited and well-rounded individuals. But they also can be domineering and opinionated.

Egocentric –  150%

They have an attractive and magnetic personality and this feature makes them the center of attention. They possess the feeling of authority over others.

Honest – 140%

These people are straightforward and don’t understand the requirement of deceiving and lying. They are brave and fearless but this bluntness can sometimes hurt others’ feelings.

Intelligent -120%

August-born people are really smart and the biggest admirers of knowledge. They like to learn new things and observe others. They also have the great ability to persuade people with their intellect.

Loyal – 130%

These people have one big heart and they are genuine friends. They also value their family and romantic relationships a lot. It’s not easy to change their beliefs but when presented with a solid argument, they are open to embracing change.

Jealous And Impatient – 170%

They have the credence that the world revolves around them and take pride in themselves. That is why they are prone to get jealous when things don’t go according to their plan. They are quick thinkers and get impatient if shown a slow-motion approach. But they are very organized in their work.

September Month Born Traits

Month Born Personality Facts september
Month Born Personality Traits: What Your Birth Month Says About You?

People born in September are the spiritual kind. They are thankful for everything in their life. These people are organized and creative. But they also tend to be meticulous and sensitive.

Methodical – 200%

These people are methodical with their thoughts, actions, and also with their words. They are cautious in their decisions and relationship choices. They are also very good schemers.

Practical – 150%

These people don’t take anything for granted, also they don’t drown in emotions. They are calm and practical. They like to analyze things before coming to a conclusion.

Perfectionist – 170%

The majority of the people born in September are perfectionists. They are highly analytical and tend to overthink situations before coming to a conclusion. But that also means they are always looking for faults and errors to make everything perfect.

High Expectations – 120%

People born in September have high expectations from others, and that’s why they tend to get disappointed easily. They also try to please everyone around them and expect the same from everyone.

Stubborn – 130%

These people are obsessed with their goals. They do not take criticism well and tend to get vengeful when wronged.

October Month Born Traits

Month Born Personality Facts october
Month Born Personality Traits: What Your Birth Month Says About You?

People born in October crave stability in everything they do. They are known for their brilliance along with their attractive looks. They are charismatic and often get what they wish for.

Social – 180%

They are social animals. They love to make friends and be around people. Because of their enthusiastic and charming nature, they become very popular in their group.

Fair – 150%

October-borns believe in justice. They want fair judgment and equality. They try to understand everyone’s point of view and don’t want to be unfair to anyone. They take time to make a decision because of their diplomatic nature.

Easygoing – 130%

They are the peacemakers and hate being in a situation of conflict. They have the ability to make people comfortable around them.

Independent – 140%

These people tend to be passionate about their work and fiercely independent as well. They don’t like to be shown the path because they themselves make the path. They often prefer to live on their own.

Competitive – 130%

Although these people aren’t selfish at all, they can be competitive if their popularity is at stake. They can be manipulative to mold things according to their wish.

November Month Born Traits

Month Born Personality Facts november
Month Born Personality Traits: What Your Birth Month Says About You?

People born in November are compassionate and positive. They have sharp minds and are highly talented. They also tend to be secretive and don’t like others to tell them what to do.

Determined – 170%

People born in this month are determined and have strong willpower. They know what they want and don’t let anything or anyone divert them from their goals. They are motivated and driven.

Optimistic – 150%

They are known for their positive attitude towards everything. They tend to see the best in everything and believe that nothing is impossible.

Secretive – 130%

They are secretive and try to keep their emotions hidden. They sometimes build a boundary around themselves beyond which they allow very few people.

Revengeful – 130%

They are generally calm unless they are provoked. They can hold a grudge for a long time and seek revenge in the perfect opportunity. They are sensitive about their feelings.

Non Committed – 150%

They are freedom seekers and don’t like to be tied down. As they don’t like anything or anyone restricting them, they are wary of commitment. They will commit once they know that they are given adequate space to breathe. Nagging is what infuriates them.

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December Month Born Traits

Month Born Personality Facts december
Month Born Personality Traits: What Your Birth Month Says About You?

People born in December are logical, ambitious, and fun to be around. They are feisty but conservative as well. They are the owner of generous hearts and can be the nicest as possible. Also, they tend to be quite fortunate as luck favors quite fervently in their case.

Adventurous – 150%

They are active by nature and very restless. They are the travelers. These people will take interest in any kind of sport and adventure.

Honest – 150%

December-born people are true to themself and to others as well. They stand for the truth and never back out from their commitment. They generally do not choose a path that leads them to a biased or unfaithful route.

Grounded – 130%

These people are very practical in nature and try to stay grounded in every circumstance. They are confident and sure of themselves. They don’t let unnecessary drama hinder their life and don’t get carried away by success.

Wise And Intellectual – 140%

December Borns are born to be teachers. They love to gain knowledge and share knowledge. They are also very helpful in nature and ready to extend their hand to others in need.

Dedicated – 130%

These people are dedicated in everything they do, be it work or their relationships. They are unshakable and determined enough to navigate through any tough situation and achieve their goals. They are very organized people and know how to manage the demands of life.

What’s Your Month Born Personality?

According to numerology, our birth month predicts our choices, strengths, and weaknesses, which affect our approach to life, including our career and romantic choices. Japanese analyze the birth month personality features to make a character inventory. They believe that our birth month decides our self-directedness and persistence.

So could you relate your birth month personality and found out what your birth month says about you? If you did, don’t forget to spread the word and share our article on Month Born Personality Facts with your peeps.

Month Born Personality Facts pin
Month Born Personality Traits: What Your Birth Month Says About You?
Month Born Personality Facts Birth Month pin
Month Born Personality Traits: What Your Birth Month Says About You?
Month Born PersonalityTraits pin
Month Born Personality Traits: What Your Birth Month Says About You?
Month Born Personality Traits pin
Month Born Personality Traits: What Your Birth Month Says About You?

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