To The Man Who Wasn’t Ready, I Forgive You

To The Man Who Wasn’t Ready, I Forgive You

This is to the man who wasn’t ready

I forgive you for making me intoxicated on the idea that we could have been something spectacular.

I forgive you for not being ready for an extraordinary love.

I feel like the luckiest girl to have been in your presence, to share with you my dreams, my deepest fears, my insecurities, and my damaged past; something that I thought no one could ever begin to love.

I looked for you. I didn’t want to find you. But I did look for you. Then unexpectedly, there you were, every fiber of my being told me to run from you; but I stayed.

To The Man Who Wasn’t Ready, I Forgive You

I stayed because I know that I don’t meet people like you often. I don’t meet other human beings who see the world like you do. Your energy was something special, and although at first I hardly recognized it, I soon began to find myself wanting to cocoon up beside you.

Daydreaming of all the possibilities with you, lazy Sunday mornings, wearing nothing but a t-shirt, curled up in the doona, a cup of tea cradled in my hands. Laying on the couch, wrapped up in you, reading out loud, passages from novels that perfectly described our life and what we felt for one another. Coming home from a late nursing shift and just collapsing into you, because I felt numb from losing one of my patients. Reminding me, just how precious life is.

In the short time I knew you, you made me feel like I belong.

You made me feel capable. You made me realize that I can embrace exactly who I am. And sometimes, you don’t know what it is you are looking for until it is hugging you goodbye. Clutching onto the moment when you might get to relive the same warm embrace again. Maybe once more, maybe many more…

I didn’t know you weren’t ready, but I forgive you.

From late-night calls, long texts and being in your presence, I knew that you were capable of some kind of wild love. A love that was too big for me to entirely understand.

You showed me all the signs, you gave me all the signals. You let me in, only to let me down. But, I forgive you.

She left you in ruins. And I don’t think ill ever be able to forgive her.

Maybe in a year’s time, I’ll see you loved up, posting photographs with a new woman, living moments that only I had dreamt about.

Her heart, her energy, her capacity to love; all just as big as yours. Maybe then I will truly be able to forgive the woman before her.

So, to the man who wasn’t ready, I forgive you.

Simply because of this: You taught me more in three weeks about soul connection than another man has taught me in my 23 years of life.

You taught me to be open, to not hide scars from previous lovers, to be vulnerable and to let people see me for exactly who I am; as a whole. And most importantly, you made me feel like I was worthy of love that has no boundaries.

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Although you might not know it right now, although you might not have felt the same way, I make no apologies for writing this.

This is why I forgive you for not being ready. I am and will be, forever grateful.

To The Man Who Wasn’t Ready, I Forgive You
To The Man Who Wasn’t Ready, I Forgive You

18 thoughts on “To The Man Who Wasn’t Ready, I Forgive You”

  1. Avatar of kiki lala

    This was good i feel the same way like u do, at the first week i simply can’t do anything just wrapping myself with a blanket at the corner of my bed…Now i do realize that i have to let it go. I have to forgive the man that wasn’t ready. I am enjoying myself right now…i want to be happy just go for it….

  2. Avatar of Cynthia

    I felt sorry for the lady she grabbed the opportunity of meeting and having a highly qualified DIGNIFIED man for her dreamed man.. but she didn’t rationalize the inevitable circumstances that may ARISES. unfortunately you use your brain and good luck next time.. don’t just jumped up if you met someone who looks like a Hollywood guy or one of those charming or smartest guy.. you will just cry at the end after you have given your honor and pride. BE SMART NEXT TIME.

  3. Avatar of Eunice Concil Rodriguez

    lol!Im done with this moment..I forgave you before you say sorry and
    I asked apologize too..just say thank you for the good times and bad times it helped to become a better me.I am happy for you now though you are with somebody else..

  4. Avatar of Christina Elen

    Of course he is forgiven. Not everyone is ready the moment we feel it. But there are so many males reaching for sensitive females just to suck their good energy, their love and go to the next. We should always be prepared for short-term adventures. These are emotional adventures. Risky, painful, but many of us wanting them..

    1. Avatar of Bonnie Jean

      I know an elderly couple that decided to marry after 3 weeks of dating. they are in their 80’s now. She has a terminal illness, he is her fulltime caregiver. He sleeps on the floor, so he can hear if she gets up at night. Just because it has not happened to you, gives you no right to say it is not real for someone else.

    2. Avatar of Julie Dahlquist

      You missed the point, love. The feeling wasnt mutual, he left! She should be writing a thank you letter to herself. Happiness comes from self, not other people, and especially not people that walked away from you. It hasn’t happened to me because I’m delusional like the author of the story

  5. Avatar of Melissa Leakey

    It seems like she got her hopes up and got intoxicated with the idea of a relationship with him. A lot of times people read into things that aren’t really there. Everyone has different ways of communicating their love. This is why you shouldn’t set up any expectations with another until you communicate it verbally to see if that person even feels that way about you. Until you find that person who will love you as much as you love them or that you love as much as they love you then just appreciate the good moments you have with them without any expectations. The love you share between another isn’t always forever. Sometimes they are their to just teach you something about yourself and or about love. To find out what is really there between another you have to release and drop all expectations. She needs to forgive herself for creating unreal expectations within her mind that there was more of a future with him than what was truly going on within his mind. If you want to know how someone feels about you just ask. Don’t get involved if it isn’t what you truly want in a relationship.

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