Zodiac Lucky Charm: Unlocking Destiny With The Power of Your Lucky Charm

12 Zodiac Lucky Charms And Their Unusual Effects

Your zodiac lucky charm can bring you fortune and abundance! Read on to find out what is your zodiac signs lucky charm and how it can help you!

People have been using all kinds of talismans and charms to bring them good luck for many centuries now.

There’re many myths and legends surrounding them and they are still very popular. Most charms will work for just about anyone but your zodiac sign can tell you which one is best suited for you.

Your Zodiac Lucky Charm

Here are your zodiac good luck charms:

1. Aries

Aries has to look for a key

Of the twelve zodiac signs, it’s easy to see that Aries is the most industrious and energetic. You won’t give up till you fulfill your heart’s desire and nothing can prevent you from reaching your goal.

This is why a key is the personification of you and it is your zodiac lucky charm. Just like a key, you help people reach places they couldn’t access earlier without you. People approach you for advice and leadership whenever they have issues.

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2. Taurus

A. 7 is Taurus’ magic number

A Taurus is usually too rational to really believe in the power of talismans and charms. Hence, the number 7 works the best for them. It’s your zodiac lucky charm and is regarded as a sign of good fortune across various cultures.

Even scientifically speaking, it is a perfect number because 3 and 4 are perfect forms representing triangles and squares. It even pops up in other places like the days of the week and the hues of a rainbow.

Your link to nature is powerful and you intuitively know that what she produces will bring good things to you.

The powerful Vikings considered acorns harbingers of good fortune especially if placed on windowsills. They used them to get protection during storms. This too is your zodiac lucky charm. 

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3. Gemini

Fuzzy Dice are for Gemini

Big dice have always been considered lucky and fluffy dice are very popular nowadays. This is the most appropriate talisman for a Gemini because they are always in fashion.

Geminis are socialites and they like to be part of all the latest, most fashionable trends. So, any charm they choose will have to be something very popular with everyone and since fuzzy dice aren’t going out of fashion any time soon, they’re the best bet.

4. Cancer

A. Ladybugs are Cancer’s best friend

Cancers are naturally affectionate and caring so their zodiac lucky charm or talisman has to be something they can love and nurture. They always treat animals as equals.

Many cultures consider ladybugs to be lucky and they’re even known as ‘lucky bugs’ or ‘glueckskaefer’ in Germany. The redder they are, the more luck they’ll bring. Don’t cage them up but let them live in your gardens in peace.

B. Bamboos are good for Cancer

Bamboo is highly valued in China and is said to bring great luck to you if you give them to someone else as a present.

If someone gives it to you, keep it in the part of your room that is facing the east and this will purify the energy there. This is also your zodiac lucky charm.

5. Leo

Leos treasure gems

Every sign has its’ own lucky gemstone but for Leo, all gemstones work wondrously well. Like a gem, Leo is also vibrant, beautiful, loved, and elegant.

They love having the spotlight on them and wearing pretty jewelry only serves this purpose as it gives them more confidence and attracts attention.

Amber is the luckiest stone and many think it is a part of the sun. Sapphire is also believed to bless the wearer with special gifts from the Gods. But any gemstone can be your zodiac lucky charm.

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6. Virgo

The Evil Eyes will protect Virgo

The Evil Eye does more than just make you lucky, it will keep you safe from all sorts of bad vibes sent towards you by others who would wish you ill.

And being a Virgo, it is easy to get people to be jealous of you because you’re an amazingly able person with a lot of talents.

An Evil Eye talisman is your zodiac lucky charm. It will usually come as a palm with an eye in the exact center or as green and blue colored beads with eyes on them.

7. Libra

Triangles stabilize Libras

For thousands of years, triangles were thought to represent the cycle of birth and death as well as our connection to the universe. They’re seen as signs that bring balance and stability and that’s the sort of person a Libra is.

They are excellent mediators as they are famous for their diplomacy and impartiality. Just like triangles, they prefer to find a balance between two opposing sides without going off into the deep end of either. So, a triangle is their zodiac lucky charm.

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8. Scorpio

Scorpios go for the standard horseshoe

Scorpios always put their beliefs out there and they prefer talismans they can show to the world. Horseshoes were considered lucky as they were made of iron, a metal that was popularly believed to repel any tricky imps or fey creatures.

A horseshoe is the perfect zodiac lucky charm for the Stinger!

9. Sagittarius

The classic rabbit’s foot is perfect for Sagittarius

zodiac sign lucky charms

This comes from ancient tribal lore which believes that the left hind foot of a rabbit can keep nasty spells away from you if you find yourself stuck in a graveyard after dark.

Of course, you should get fake ones that have all that power without having to harm any live rabbits. If you’re a Sagittarius, you should carry one at all times so that you stay safe.

10. Capricorn

A. The rare four-leaf clover is lucky for Capricorn

zodiac sign lucky charms

Four-leaf clovers represent belief, hope, affection, and prosperity. These are important for Capricorns who love to surround themselves with beautiful things for which they need money.

They are also nature lovers and the clover offers an unadulterated connection to the earth.

However, not all four-leaf clovers are lucky. Only the white clover plant serves this purpose and while they are rare, Capricorns will be able to spot them as it’s their zodiac lucky charm.

B. Like Daenerys, Capricorns are kin to dragons.

Capricorns are kin to dragons

Some cultures think that dragons are signs of danger but others look at them as signs of good fortune. Of course, you’re not going to get a live dragon but you can find a charm or figurine.

Capricorns are ambitious and the dragon charms can make them great leaders and help them hone their abilities as well as improve their position at work. Dragons are their zodiac lucky charm as well.

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11. Aquarius

Crickets sing to Aquarius

zodiac sign lucky charms

Those who’ve watched Mulan will know that Crickets have been seen as lucky charms for centuries. People listening to their music at night are comforted with a sense of companionship.

Their silence also warned people when danger was approaching. As an Aquarius, you’ll want to experience adventure and someone watching out for you is the perfect gift.

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12. Pisces

Dreamcatchers for dreamy Pisces

zodiac sign lucky charms

Pisces are natural dreamers and there is nothing luckier for them than a dreamcatcher. These are supposed to prevent bad dreams from entering your space at night and by letting you have pleasant dreams, they help you feel well-rested and peaceful.

You can place this zodiac lucky charm of yours close to your bed or even wear one as jewelry. They can even bring good vibes if hung in the office.

So, that’s all for zodiac sign lucky charms. Please drop in a comment down below to let us know your thoughts.

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