Your Lucky Charm Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Your Lucky Charm Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Lucky Charm That Will Bring You The Most Luck According To Your Zodiac Sign

People have been using all kinds of talismans and charms to bring them good luck for many centuries now. These objects take on some magic through myths and legends and they are still very popular. Most charms will work for just about anyone but your zodiac sign can tell you which one is best suited for you.

Here are your Lucky Charm based on your zodiac sign

Check out this list and get your lucky charm. Soon, you’ll notice that your life is changing for the better.

1. Aries has to look for a key

Your Lucky Charm Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Of the twelve zodiac signs, it’s easy to see that Aries is the most industrious and energetic. You won’t give up till you fulfill your heart’s desire and nothing can prevent you from reaching your goal. This is why a key is the personification of you. Just like a key, you help people reach places they couldn’t access earlier without you. People approach you for advice and leadership whenever they have issues.

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2. 7 is Taurus’ magic number

Your Lucky Charm Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A Taurus is usually too rational to really believe in the power of talismans and charms. Hence, the number 7 works the best for them. It’s your lucky charm and regarded as a sign of good fortune across various cultures. Even scientifically speaking, it is a perfect number because 3 and 4 are perfect forms representing triangles and squares. It even pops up in other places like the days of the week and the hues of a rainbow.

Taurus’ link to nature and acorns

Your link to nature is powerful and you intuitively know that what she produces will bring good things to you. The powerful Vikings considered acorns harbingers of good fortune especially if placed on windowsills. They used them to get protection during storms.

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3. Fuzzy Dice are for Gemini

Your Lucky Charm Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Big dice have always considered lucky and fluffy dice are very popular nowadays. This is the most appropriate talisman for a Gemini because they are always in fashion.

Gemini is socialites and they like to be part of all the latest, most fashionable trends. So, any charm they choose will have to be something very popular with everyone and since fuzzy dice aren’t going out of fashion any time soon, they’re the best bet.

4. Ladybugs are Cancer’s best friend

Your Lucky Charm Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Cancers are naturally affectionate and caring so their talisman has to be something they can love and nurture. They always treat animals as equals. Many cultures consider ladybugs to be fortunate and they’re even known as ‘lucky bugs’ or ‘glueckskaefer’ in Germany. The redder they are, the more luck they’ll bring. Don’t cage them up but let them live in your gardens in peace.

Bamboos are good for Cancer

Your Lucky Charm Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Bamboos are highly valued in China and are said to bring great luck to you if you give them to someone else as a present. If someone gives it to you, keep it in the part of your room that is facing the east and this will purify the energy there.

5. Leos treasure gems

Your Lucky Charm Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Every sign has its’ own lucky gemstone but for Leo, all gemstones work wondrously well. Like a gem, Leo is also vibrant, beautiful, loved, and elegant. They love having the spotlight on them and wearing pretty jewelry only serves this purpose as it gives you more confidence and attracts attention. Amber is the luckiest stone and many think it is a part of the sun. Sapphire is also believed to bless the wearer with special gifts from the Gods.

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6. The Evil Eyes will protect Virgo

Your Lucky Charm Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Evil Eye does more than just make you lucky, it will keep you safe from all sorts of bad vibes sent towards you by others who would wish you ill. And being a Virgo, it is easy to get people to be jealous of you because you’re an amazingly able person with a lot of talents. An Evil Eye talisman will usually come as a palm with an eye in the exact center or as green and blue colored beads with eyes on them.

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