Love when you’re ready

Love when you’re ready. Not when you’re lonely.

22 thoughts on “Love when you’re ready”

  1. Mmm food for thought. I know a few people that have done this . Loneliness is a very scary thing to a lot of people. They become so needy they get blinded . Whats the saying Love is blind. Yes True love is very rare these days but it does exist. Hard for the people that have been spoilt by parents they never learn to stand on their own two feet and learn to do things alone& enjoy there own company. Beautifully said Eva .

  2. Most of people when are lonely think they love. The emptiness must be fulfilled …Loneliness is a bad advisor when you do not know how to live with your own company. True love is rarely seen and both have to build it for many years. I really like this quote!

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