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LOVE : One Emotion, Different Shades.

LOVE : One Emotion, Different Shades.

They say it’s the grandest and greatest emotion of all.
Love confuses me more than anything. I struggled to learn it’s true color, shape, size and the limit, the control we should’ve over it.

Each time answers were different, I was fooled by myself.
They signify love as a shape of heart, is it really so?
To me Love is the symbol of infinity.

No start, no end. Something that always existed, only realisation brings the feeling of existence.
They compare Love as pure fire or as clear water runs down from mountain cliffs.
To some Love is a wind that fuels you to fly or it is as heavy as a huge rock over your heart.
I’ve always felt Love is empty or it’s too full.

Love is the roof that can give shelter to the numerous creatures, only when sought within.
Love doesn’t blind you, it blinds the past concept of love that blindfolded your heart.
Love is the core that balances and holds pieces of you.

Love is the straight path. But on this path you’re bound to meet other emotions run as branches from the lead road.

For a small time you might be mislead or lost your way but eventually sooner or later you’ll again be on your path.

Let yourself be driven by the force of heart, heart has always been the home of Love.
Love is the garden where the flowers of kindness, compassion and gratitude are bloom.
Love is the whole.

It can be as small as a point or as huge and as expanding as an artist’s imagination.
Truth is it always existed and will continue to exist.

No Love, no creation.
No creation, no life.
Universe is full of lives, from the tinniest atom to the grandest star. So is full of Love.
We’re wrapped by Love.
Love is wrapped by Us.

Hrisha Paul

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