Little Things I Love About The Zodiac Signs

Little Things I Love About The Zodiac Signs

Little Things I love About The Signs  

Aries: The face they make when they read something cute  

Taurus: The voice they make when they say they’re hungry  

Gemini: Their unpredictable hugs  

Cancer: How fast they speak when they’re really into a subject  

Leo: How they crack up when they read something stupid  

Virgo: Their maturity for everything  

Libra: Their goofy side and strong beliefs  

Scorpio: How secretive they can be  

Sagittarius: Their vision of life and romance  

Capricorn: The constant sarcasm in their voice  

Aquarius: The way they smile with their eyes  

Pisces: How they sound like a happy kid even if they’re like 75 years old.


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