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Life Is Short To Be Awkward

Life Is Short To Be Awkward

Life Is Short To Be Awkward

Life is short to be awkward with your friends.

Put your phone down and have authentic conversations with them. Think about any topic you’re interested in and see for yourself if you’re on the same page with them. Ask about updates in their lives, or what’s happening with your common friends, or how’s it going with the pets they love to talk about with you before. If you’re still feeling awkward and clueless with what you’re supposed to talk about with them, go to Google and type 50 questions and you will have endless options to store up in your sleeves. The thing is, you don’t always get to see them. Everyone loves to excuse that they’re busy with their lives and barely have time to catch up, so why not focus on what is in front of you and stop texting someone who is not there?

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Life is short to be awkward with your family members.

Admit it; you have your few moments when you’d rather spend time with your best friends than with your family — we’re all guilty about it. It’s a lot easier to have fun by surrounding yourself with people who are in the same age group and the same level of craziness as yours. But there’d be a time when you wish you knew how depressed your sister was when she first had her heart broken. There’d be a point when your brother becomes successful in what he’s doing, but you never asks and don’t know what drives his passion. Don’t be a stranger to your family, because wherever part of the world you end up or whatever situation you fall into, your family’s comfort is the only place you’ll ever feel home.

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Life is short to be awkward with the person you’re dating.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the first person who texts first or greets good morning or says I love you. It’s not embarrassing if you’re enthusiastic in your relationship with them or if you’re always joyful when you spend time with them. Love is never supposed to appear like it’s a game of “hide and seek”, in which whoever shows up a romantic feeling first is somewhat declared as the loser. Life is short to conceal what is inside your heart and not say the thoughts that are itching to get out of your head. Don’t take time for granted just because it seems like you have plenty of it that you can bathe and soak with it. Say what you want and say what you will, now that you still have the luxury to do so.

Life is short to be awkward with strangers.

Ask for direction when you’re lost. Help someone as much as you can. Smile back when a stranger smiles at you on the street. Engage in a deep conversation with a person who looks harmless and shows interest in you. Fly abroad and attempt to communicate with individuals who don’t speak your language. There is still good left in humanity, and the best people in life are the ones you meet in the least expected place or situation. Don’t hold back and be scared to put yourself out there and build connections with strangers. You can learn to improve your confidence and bravery more by rising to uncomfortable social settings.

Life is too short to be awkward.

Reach out to the people who love you while you still have time to share with them, while you still have the energy to drive to their place, while you still have the chance to see them around you. Appreciate every single thing that your parents have done for you and tell them how thankful you are for always being there to support you, even though it sounds corny; even though it takes all your strength to be sentimental. Offer the loveliest words to the one who captures your heart despite the risk of fallouts. Open up a little to the people you don’t know and share something silly about yourself to them then laugh hard with them until you’re running out of breath already.

Life is too short to be awkward.

There is only one shot, a limited timeline, which is given to you to live the life that you wish; to run a life that is wild and free. Life is short not be you, not to have fun, not to be loud, and not to be different in this world full of pretentiousness.

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