Jupiter Enters Capricorn 2019-2020: How This Changes Everything For You

Jupiter Enters Capricorn This Changes Everything For You

Jupiter in Capricorn: After 12 months from Sagittarius, Jupiter has taught us how to handle our enthusiasm and empower our optimism even in our darkest hours. Jupiter was in his favorite sign, Sagittarius and this has broadened our Awareness towards ourselves and the whole world.

It’s no coincidence that young activists have actually monopolized media because, in their face, hope needed to be broadcasted all over the globe. New medications have indeed been invented. But now it’s time to move ahead.


Jupiter in Capricorn (December 2019- December 2020)

However, as from tonight, Jupiter is in Capricorn. And this changes everything. Jupiter no longer feels like home. Jupiter’s enthusiasm doesn’t find the proper soil to flourish. Instead, Jupiter insists on creating stronger roots. Thus he is ready to give the world different kinds of blessings. The ones that are not easily spotted, but blessings that last forever.

jupiter incense
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Therefore, Jupiter in Capricorn will:

  • Our whole financial system will probably be challenged, as Jupiter will try to bring justice especially to the ones who have abused power!
  • Power struggles will threaten governments, great companies and people who didn’t think they could ‘fall’.
  • As the last years, we were severely hit by the excessive energy of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn, Jupiter now comes to bring balance and hope especially to the ones who have been hurt this decade. Jupiter will try to bring hope and growth to the ones who suffered.

jupiter enters capricon


1. Aries

Career comes first!

The New Position of Jupiter marks a new beginning in your Professional Life. This is great news and you will have the chance to make progress in your career or even reach a new milestone in this part of your life. Especially if you have worked hard the past years now it’s time to get what you really deserve.

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2. Taurus

Relight your Fire

The new position of Jupiter inaugurates a new era of optimism. Like the past years, the flame of hope seemed to be weakened, Jupiter steps in to create an aura of confidence and balance between Pluto’s and Saturn’s cold energies. Moreover, business with foreigners and people from other countries as well as traveling abroad will be favored for a whole new year along with setting new goals for your destiny!


3. Gemini


The new position of Jupiter creates new standards in your life. The past 12 months, Jupiter worked with your professional and personal relationships but now, you need to get more intimate and dig deeper. There are opportunities for the great change which are mysteriously attracted by your heart and your inner and most instinctive needs.


4. Cancer

New & fruitful relations

Today is a very important day for you as Jupiter aligns right across your Zodiac Sign, where Pluto and Saturn have been trying hard to change your life. Not, this new position – which is going to last for a whole new year – will affect all your relationships. This is a great chance to get more from this new position, by keeping an eye on opportunities that may come with your personal and professional relationships.


5. Leo

Health comes first

Jupiter comes to shed some light on what is really important for you in the past years. As Saturn and Pluto have been challenging your everyday life and your health, not Jupiter comes to give more insight on that matter. Especially if you suffered this might be a chance to put yourself together and make good choices which will help you escape your troubles. This is your chance to detox your body!


6. Virgo

Shine like a star!

This is no ordinary day for you as the New Position of Jupiter for a whole new year brings good news in your heart and the way you feel about nearly everything. As Saturn and Pluto messed with what brings joy in your heart, Jupiter is now ready to make things right. Thus, Happiness and satisfaction are the key-words for the next twelve months and god knows how much you need this right now!


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