I Wanna Be in Love, Not in A Relationship!!


I Wanna Be in Love, Not in A Relationship!!

All these days, I was treading towards something I thought I deserved to desire, something that put me outside my comfort zone, something that helped me appreciate the smaller things like saying thank you to the person who doesn’t deserve it or smiling back at the person who walks past me every day. But, I have learned not to worry about being single. Instead, I have grown past that feeling of wanting to be in a relationship.

Earlier, I was kinda wary of being all by myself when everyone around me was getting what they wanted, like when my friends were getting into relationships, working the jobs that paid their worth, having fun they deserved etc. And although I was innately happy that they are finally getting what they were meant to, somewhere back in my mind, I was wondering why am I lacking the taste of those happy moments.

Granting, I was happy with my single status and with my job, even though it paid me less, I was somehow enjoying every perk of being single. Similarly, I was enjoying the process of learning things that were creating curiosity in every challenge that was coming my way.

It’s just that sometimes, I felt it would have been better to hold a hand while walking, talk to someone special every night before sleeping, doze off while the other person is still talking, have someone to scold for not giving them enough time, someone whom I can love unconditionally and be loved back the same way.

Sometimes, I wanted to meet a person and feel that the two of us are meant to be together forever, not just as lovers but as friends, as a family or as someone completely different. Someone, who is beyond the bounds of all the relationship norms and someone for whom the respect has grown greater than my life. Someone who makes me believe in the concept of togetherness, fate, destiny, and love, especially in Love. Someone who becomes my stronger intuition, who drives me towards working on what I believe in. Someone who aligns her body perfectly with mine while I sleep peacefully, and the warmth that my heart feel awakens me slightly as she draws my hand around her waist, that brings a sleepy smile on my face that makes me subconsciously happy and I wanna feel that forever.

I don’t think there exists another person like you, who is different from everything that defines normal, who can capture my attention beyond the beauty and who can charm me with your silence, that speaks a million words about million different things. And in that silence, I hear the echoes of my own thoughts taking shape into words that only our hearts can comprehend.

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You always fill me with amazement on how someone, as precious as you, can be so simple yet look effortlessly elegant and graceful. Someone in whose arms I wanna be wrapped in, the eyes I wanna be lost in. Someone, whose touch can soothe every pain and the smile makes me feel like I have loved you long before I have known you, kissed you even before I have touched you.

You are the only one with whom I wanna be vulnerable, knowing I would never be normal if you were to ever hurt me. The one who would offer me a galaxy of happiness, when all I expected was nothing but a Stardust. Someone for whom I would wanna wait my days, search the crowd for her face, someone who’ll never make me question how I feel about her, someone whose definition of love breaks every barrier there is, someone who has defined love in her mind with everything she has been told or have read or seen. Someone who isn’t just gonna be my significant other, but my soulmate, a soulmate I found without ever searching!!

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Sadly, according to a study, clinginess and lack of personal space are the top relationship turn-offs. So, when does it go from sweet and nurturing to overbearing and smothering? And how can you manage your need for reassurance so that it doesn’t push your loved one away?

Does love mean letting go of the one you love or holding on to them for dear life? Does love mean the little things you do together or the big dramatic gestures? What love means to you exactly?

As we all are different, so are our convictions, thoughts, and principles. Even when it comes to love, the great equalizer, our perspectives vary. For some, love means holding hands and taking selfies together while making weird faces, and for some, love might mean deep conversations about life and relationships.

However, as long as you and your partner are on the same page regarding what love means to you as a couple, you are golden.

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The spectrum of romantic relationships is gradually widening, and people are slowly beginning to recognize and respect throuple relationships, instead of ridiculing them or dismissing them as immoral and dirty. Even though we have come a long way, we still have a long way to go.

So, what is a throuple relationship, what it is like to be in a throuple, and how does a throuple relationship work?

Love. The one thing everyone wants. The one thing everyone seeks. Love is the closest thing to magic in our dull, dreary, gray hued lives. Love lights up the darkness in our hearts and makes us feel warm in the chilly weather of loneliness. No wonder most of us are so desperate to love and be loved. We frantically run around looking for the one, but we need to stop looking for love and let it find us. 

We need to stop being so afraid of being left alone. We need to stop being afraid of being strong. We need to stop being driven by fear and pain. You need to stop looking for love and let it find you. I know the lump in the throat and the heaviness in the heart is becoming unbearable. I know how badly you want to be loved. I know how much you deserve to be loved…unconditionally. And that is exactly why I am telling you, you need

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Love hurts. No, not like those cheesy Hollywood movies or romance novels. Real love is a lot messier, filthy, and painful. No matter how much you may love someone, you either get hurt or end up hurting someone you love.

As the old saying goes, we hurt the ones we love the most. Yes, it sounds terrible, but there is actually some science to it. When we love someone, whether it’s romantic or platonic, we let our guards down and become honest, open, and vulnerable with each other. While this should make our relationship stronger, in reality, it creates the ground where we hurt the ones we love, whether intentionally or unintentionally. 

We fight. 
We argue. 
We shout. 
We ignore them. 
We blame them for our mistakes.